ActiveRain Launches Outside Blogs - How Do You Get Yours?

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Google offers Blogs, Yahoo offers Blogs, and now ActiveRain offers RE Blogs!!  I am so excited that I get to announce this!  ActiveRain is pulling all the stops and releasing the "BIG" storm today.  It's been a long time coming, and now it's finally here! STOP HERE!

UPDATE 4/10/2009 -  Please see this new post for details regarding the NEW OUTSIDE Blogs offerred on ActiveRain.  How to Create and Maximize your AR Outside Blogs  and  5 Tips For Your Outside Blogs.

ActiveRain "Outside Blogs" are launched today.  You're going to love the ability to create one post, and then with the check of a box, send it to your Outside Blog.  That's right, one post, syndicated in three locations.  You can choose to have your post on ActiveRain, Localism, and now your own personal "Outside Blog" too.

Here's just a few highlights of the "
" Outside Blogs:

* Host your Blog on your own domain name.  (You must own name)  ie:
* Customize the look and feel of your Outside Blog.
* Set up in 10-15 minutes max.
* Build your posts in ActiveRain, no need to learn a new Blogging platform.
* Publish your posts to AR, Localism, Outside Blog, or all three, it's your choice.
* Benefit from the SEO power of ActiveRain.
* Brand your own Blog and yet stay connected with the AR community.
* Comments are syndicated between your ActiveRain Blog and your Outside Blog.

This is only the beginning, as the community jumps on these, each individual's exposure doubles. 2X the POWER!  That's Exciting!!  Imagine the possiblities with these Blogs...

Here's how to setup YOUR Outside Blog.  The sample below is a screen shot of my Outside Blog. I'll demonstrate how I used ActiveRain to create it.

Active Brads Outside Blog



1. To Start, click on the link "Outside Blogs" from "My Home" page.

2. On the next screen, give your Blog a "Title". It will already have the same name as your current ActiveRain Blog.  You can change it.

3. Meta Keywords are the next option, don't panic What's a Meta Tag?

4. Next, you can customize or modify your Blog description. This text will appear underneath your Blog Banner.

5. Now give your Blog an ActiveRain Subdomain:

6. You can also use custom domain names. (advanced users only)
You must already own your own domain name. If not, you can see if the domain you like is available, click here.


Here's a screen shot of the options that are mentioned above:

7. Next, keep your current photo or add a new photo to your Blog.
Your Outside Blog photo will NOT replace your existing AR photo.  Here's your chance to update that picture from 7 years ago. lol~


8. Select one of the Templates or Themes from the ActiveRain Library:
  These can be customized. More templates will be available in the future.  This is just the launch period, expect enhancements for sure.



9. Setup the colors for your fonts and for different areas of your Blog page.  Here's a color chart.

10. Now, add custom created headers and images to your Blog.  There are multiple posts on how to create and edit images, you'll find them in the Help/FAQ group.  We have some very artistic and talented members who share valuable tools and resources there.


11. Under the Advanced options, you can display multiple Blog posts, up to 100 if you like.
(I suggest 20 posts max, or the page may load slowly, especially if you have video and large graphics)

Use the Syndication options to select which posts to pull, or add ALL from your primary ActiveRain Blog.  Members Only posts will not appear on your Outside Blog.  If you have concerns about Duplicate Content on your Blogs, read this post called "Duplicate Content and Outside Blogs."


12. The FINAL STEP, Click on Save Changes

Go to the ActiveRain Subdomain URL you created
and there's your new outside Blog!

Here's A Sample Of Mine

*Note: When creating posts on ActiveRain, just check this box
to place them on your outside Blog.


If you do choose to use your own existing Domain name, please read the advanced information and instructions below. You'll need to know the following:  You can also find this information located HERE.

Here are the STEP-BY-STEP instructions for setting up an Outside Blog using your own domain name.
Also be sure to check out some of the other members outside domains as ActiveRain Blogs Evolve.



That's It!  We are finally launched!!.  WOOHOO!!  You will no longer have to search for a place to have an outside Blog.  You won't have to start from scratch to create your own, or cut and paste, or duplicate efforts, or try and manage your time running two or more Blogs.

I really am excited about this.  
It's like watching the birth of a baby being born, and I feel somehow emotionally and personally attached to it.  ActiveRain is moving onward and upward, and everyday, becoming more of a powerful source in this great industry.  I'm honored to be the carrier pigeon of this exciting and community changing news.  As always, if you get stuck, don't get MAD, call Brad.

For Outside Blog status updates and known issues being addressed:  CLICK HERE!