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Foreclosure Prevention 101

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When your home is on the line one of the worst possible things that you can do is doing nothing!

Listen I confess, I am guilty of a little procrastination too from time to time but...

If we are talking about the possibility of losing my home- believe you me I would move with Olympic Speed.

I've come across many world class procrastinators, yes, even homeowners facing foreclosure!

Many I speak with at least do some investigation to explore their options.

Many others decide to move forward and then...


When they finally come back 2,3,4 weeks later if they are lucky enough to not have had their home already foreclosed on them by then.

They then come back saying things like " My sale date is next week"!

 Or worst yet, "My sale date is Tomorrow"!

Once the sale date has been set it just makes it all the more difficult to stop a potential foreclosure.

Move with Olympic Speed.



Darren Britt
Loss Mitigation Consultant
Senior Amerisave Loan Advisor ABPP