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Everybody at some point in their life has thought about the perfect home in the perfect city. But, since nothing is perfect in the world, we try to scope out some of the places that are perfect in our eyes. There are a few reasons why people tend to move towards certain cities rather than others. We were very intrigued to see why some of these cities attract so many people to them every year.


Some of the aspects that influenced our decision making are the costs of living, attractions, entertainment, job opportunities, nightlife, schools, safety and many others. We would like to give a bit of insight into some of the top cities to buy a home in the USA and what makes them stand out. Why are these cities at the top of the list for homebuyers and why should you consider buying a home there?


Nashville, Tennessee



Nashville is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Tennessee. This beautiful city is on our list of top cities to buy a home for a number of reasons. 


The city of Nashville TN, also known as the “Music City” is renowned for its music industry, especially county music. Country music lovers will definitely love the city. Nashville is also internationally known for its whiskey. You have probably heard of the Jack Daniels Old No. 7 which is the most famous Tennessee whiskey. Also, the sports scene is an important part of Nashville's culture. Nashville's NHL and NFL teams proudly represent the city with spectacular performances over the years.

These are not the only reasons that make Nashville a great place to live. Even if you are not a country music enthusiast or a sports fan, Nashville is still a good place to buy a home. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Nashville along with a variety of homes that are decently priced make for a great housing market. Contact one of the realtors in Nashville Tennessee to find exactly what you are looking for.


Canton, Georgia



This warm and friendly community is the county seat of Cherokee County, Georgia. Canton, GA is a top destination for homebuyers because of its strong and diverse housing market. Also, this community is perfect for families and you will find some of the most friendly people around here. Canton is one of the safest cities in the country and its highly rated school system makes it ideal for families.

This lovely compact city holds around 20,000 people and in terms of houses, you can find anything here. Townhomes or condos, row homes, farm homes and many more can be found here. This wide selection of homes comes at a relatively high price, at around $300,000 on average, a bit higher than the national average which currently stands at around $220,000. In order to get a good price for a home in the area, contact one of our real estate agents in Canton who will help you find the perfect place for you at a decent price.


Alpharetta, Georgia


Another lovely city in the state of Georgia is Alpharetta. Many have named the city one of the best places to live as well as one of the safest. With a population of about 66,000 people, this city is lovely and charming for the emphasis that it puts on its communities and residents. Alpharetta offers its residents a high quality of life.


The city is well developed with good infrastructure, public transportation systems, highways, and top-rated schools. Tech companies found good opportunities for investment in Alpharetta which also opens tech job opportunities for locals. With the prosperous economy and the continuously growing communities, there is no doubt why we have included Alpharetta on our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA.


The housing market is quite pricey and it stands above the national average. Although, the city makes up for it with a diverse housing market from which to choose. Condos, single-family homes as well as townhouses are some of the options at hand. If you’re in the market to buy a home then contact one of our real estate agents in Alpharetta in order to find the best-priced homes in this top-end community.

Houston, Texas



Houston, TX is the fourth most populous city in the USA and the rapid rate of growth indicates that people love the city of Houston. This metropolitan city definitely deserves a spot on our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA. The city is great for both tourists and locals and its housing market is thriving as it is both a sellers and buyers market.


Houston’s population places it alongside cities such as New York and Los Angeles however, without the sticker shock. This is a clear indication of a thriving metropolitan area that draws people for very good reasons. Also, the contribution that Houston had to the scientific and art communities are notable. The Houston Space Center is renowned for the development of space technology and the research done in the field. Also, the artistic side of Houston is highlighted through many growing young artists and cultural venues that feature music concerts, and artistic performances.

The housing market of Houston is thriving and accessible even for people with low incomes. Houston is a great place to either invest or buy a home for your family. The housing market is priced below the national average and with help from Houston's realtors, you can land a really good deal.


Dallas, Texas



Texas is a hotspot in terms of the housing market and that is the reason why we have included another Texan city on our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA. The amazing metropolitan city of Dallas holds a population of about 1.5 million people and the reason why so many come to Dallas is the prosperous economy and job opportunities. 


The city of Dallas is well known for having a high concentration of high revenue companies from which 9 of them are amongst Fortune 500. This city is both charming and fascinating in its own way. Its economic success ever since it was the largest inland cotton market, to the discovery of petroleum and now the most successful companies in the field of engineering and communications are rooted in Dallas.

The impressive infrastructure of a metropolitan city is something unique and Dallas stands up to its name. The skyscrapers and office buildings bring an urban feel to the city and the housing market is diverse. With a median home price of about $230,000, the housing market holds something for both homebuyers and investors. Contact the real estate agents in Dallas to get a dream home in the heart of the metropolitan city.


McKinney, Texas


Another addition to our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA is again from Texas and this time we are going smaller but a lot bolder than the others in terms of the housing market. The city of McKinney holds a population of about 50,000 people and has seen one of the fastest population growths in the country.


No wonder the housing market has seen a significant increase in prices and demand. This is a housing market that comes with prices a lot higher than Dallas which is about 32 miles away. It is known for being a family-friendly city that welcomes new people into its communities and the safety of the city also stands out. There are also activities and attractions around to keep you occupied for the whole year. McKinney holds beautiful parks where you can engage in fun activities with your kids or simply have a relaxing walk along its trails.

The median home price is relatively high in McKinney, with a value of around $320,000. However, contacting the realtors in McKinney you’ll have a higher chance of finding some of the best deals and homes for you. So make sure you get in touch with our agents for a stress-free home buying experience.


Boca Raton, Florida



It would be insulting not to include on our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA, a coastline destination such as Boca Raton. The beautiful waterfront landscape has robbed the hearts of many visitors who decided they want to spend the rest of their life living in this city. The opulent and luxurious city of Boca Raton holds some of the most exclusive communities in the country and this might be intimidating for many people.

Mansions and private estates with deep water docking and Yachts are common in Boca Raton, and this also comes with a steep price. That is the reason why the housing market in Boca Raton is quite high. The median price stands at around $340,000 but it is quite what you would expect from a top-notch community. The real estate agents in Boca Raton can tell you more about home prices in the area.


Gulf Shores, Alabama



Another coastline community but this time significantly cheaper compared to Boca Raton. The city of Gulf Shores is an amazingly friendly community located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. This city definitely deserves a spot on our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA for multiple reasons.


The waterfront holds some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and there are so many activities and wildlife encounters on the beach that it's hard to believe this place exists. Outside of the beach area, the natural landscape makes for some of the most beautiful morning walks and the food culture is something to die for.

In terms of housing, the median home price in Gulf Shores, stands at around $250,000. The beautiful waterfront holds some of the most scenic views together with the variety of waterfront properties that come at the average price of $320,000. If you want to enjoy the beautiful coastline views every time you look out your window, then contact one of the realtors in Gulf Shores, AL that will help you buy that amazing property.


Alexandria, Virginia



Our list of top cities to buy a home in the USA would not be complete without mentioning the beautiful Washington metropolitan area. One such city that stands out for its preserved architectural features and its historical significance is the city of Alexandria. This city is just miles away from downtown Washington and the compact city makes it easy to commute both inside and outside of it.


People love Alexandria for its 19th-century look that has been well preserved by the locals. The city is so impressive that even important state heads, such as George Washington, called Alexandria home. Also, the restaurant scene is quite unique and offers both tourists and locals one of the best culinary experiences around.


In terms of the real estate market, the area has seen a significant appreciation in value and the home prices don't come cheap here. The median property value stands at a whopping $530,000, but it is also important to mention that annual income is high as well which would make it easy to get a well-paid job here. Contact any of the local real estate agents in Alexandria to find out more about the advantages of long term homeownership in the city.




With top-end communities of both high and low prices, we came up with a list of cities to satisfy all tastes in terms of the housing market. Whether you are looking for a lovely home on the peaceful waterfront or you prefer the urban vibe of a home situated in one of the big cities in the USA. We came up with a list that covers the best places where you can find just what you are looking for.

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