Meat grinder - how and when to use it?

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Even though the name suggests so, the meat grinder doesn't only serve for processing meat products. It's a versatile accessory that can be used for various purposes in professional and non-professional kitchens. Below you'll find all you need to know about the usage of the meat grinders.

Grinding meat is essential to the preparation of numerous dishes. Spaghetti bolognese, burgers, meatballs, fillings - all these have ground meat as a basis. What's important, using other accessories doesn't guarantee the same, well-textured result. Blender will cut the meat into tiny pieces, and at the end, its structure might be too smooth. Chopping, on the other hand, is time and labor-consuming, and its results are not always satisfactory.

Meat grinder - how does it work?
In the case of a grinder, meat is neither chopped nor smashed - it's a process that combines both. First, the machine chops it into small pieces. Then, it's passed through a sieve. This second step allows regulating the level of thickness of the minced meat. Usually, you can choose from at least a few sieves with different sizes of holes. 

Mincing meat in a grinder can make the kitchen work more effectively, which is particularly important in the gastronomical sector. Using a fully automatized meat grinder allows the chefs to fulfill other duties. 

You can choose an automated or manual grinder. Make sure to verify this aspect before purchasing. A selection of sieves in the set is another significant aspect.

Meat grinder - not only for meat?

Even though this type of equipment is mainly used for meat, it can also come in handy in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. What can you prepare with it? Falafel is a perfect example of a dish that tastes the best when prepared with a meat grinder. It requires using raw, soaked chickpeas. Quite often, their toughness turns out to be a little too much for an ordinary blender. A meat grinder can deal with it quite well, guaranteeing a smooth texture so essential to the success of this dish. 

You can also use the meat grinder for preparing the fillings for dumplings of a different kind. Any filling with brown lentils will be easier to use after passing through a grinder.

Modern variants also enable grinding nuts and coffee, cutting vegetables, and grating cheese or potatoes. It's possible thanks to the addition of various additions that allows adjusting the form of food processing.

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