Guide for Nature Voyagers

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Nature Visiting is a beautiful moment to remember that even the most free-spirited visitors have obligations. One of the most important ones we all share is the responsibility to preserve the natural surroundings and landscapes we visit as members of this incredible community.


Permitted hiking benefits the local economy since support workers are well-trained and competent and are thus paid for their services.  Permitted hiking also helps to reduce the human influence on fragile habitats.


Here are some suggestions for nature voyagers: 

Plan ahead of time and prepare

This idea is self-evident to individuals in our community who grew up participating in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or other scouting organizations. Examine the route and plan for harsh weather and dangers ahead of time to avoid problems.

Travel and camp on solid ground

Keep to the indicated path. Near waterfalls, cliffs, or landmarks, route signs, ropes, fences, or gates are placed for a reason. Could you not climb on top of them?

It makes no difference how many likes your wacky photo gets on social media. You will actively contribute to the destruction of a protected landscape (with photographic proof!). That is not clever, and it does not reflect well on the community. Traverse the outdoors with care and consideration for prohibited places.

Proper Waste Disposal

It's time to pack it in, and it's time to pack it out. That's all there is to it. Remove any garbage, food scraps, and litter. It doesn't get any easier than that to dispose of your garbage correctly.

Don't Take Anything You Find

Nature explorers should not move artifacts, rocks, plants, and other natural items from their original place. Items protected in national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Machu Picchu, imply that removing them is against the law.

Take photos instead. On every Under30Experiences trip, there is always at least one outstanding photographer. Use the LNT principle as an excuse to ask that individual for photography advice and learn how to improve your abilities.

 Minimize the Negative Effects of a Campfire

It's preferable to leave cooking flames to the support personnel. We made sure the mound fire was modest and controllable, and it was a fantastic bonding experience.

We utilized fallen wood and dried grasses as kindling. Finally, before we went to bed, our tour guide made sure to burn all of the wood and coals to ash to help put out the fire entirely. Always use caution when building or being around a fire.

Keep Wildlife in Mind

Animals must be respected, whether they are llamas on the Inca Trail in Peru, monkeys in Costa Rica, or puffins in Iceland. That implies you should avoid feeding them at all costs. According to this study, feeding wildlife can harm their health, disrupt their natural behaviors, and expose them to predators and other risks.

You may also aid animals by properly storing rations and rubbish.

In addition, when you arrive at your location, inquire about the local cuisine and learn what is regularly and sustainably served at different times of the year. As a result of your research, you will be a better-informed traveler, and the local economy will benefit.

Be considerate to other people who may be there.

I believe, is the most crucial of all the principles. To help maintain the quality of their experience, be respectful of other guests. It entails being courteous, deferring to others on paths, and making as little noise as possible. Pay attention to the advice of your local guides. They're there to assist you in getting the most out of your vacation.

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Hello Tamra Lee Ulmer thank you for very valuable list of guide for nature voyagers.

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Hello Tamra - the message in your post that comes through loud and clear is be knowledgeable, considerate and aware of your surroundings.   

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