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Nice lakes in Genessee County

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Here are some great lakes in Genessee County Michigan.

Byram Lake Fenton MI    132 acres     public     all sports lake     50 feet deep Byram Lake is a spring fed kettle lake that was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.  The lake was named after early settlers that lived on it's shores.  There is a Byram Lake Association for the home owners.  The shoreline is about 2.443 miles in length.  It is more of a long lake than a round lake.

Lake Fenton Fenton MI    845 acres     public     all sports lake     95 feet deep Lake Fenton is a public all sports lake that is about 845 acres in size.  It is a big spring fed lake with 18 acres of islands including Cases's Island and it has a State of Michigan DNR boat launch.  Lake Fenton is a spring-fed “kettle lake,” meaning it was formed after a glacier melted thousands of years ago. Many of Michigan's inland lakes are kettle lakes,  though in South East Michigan you will find some man made lakes.  Fenton Township's Mantawauka Park is open to the public and includes a gazebo, picnic tables, playscape and swimming beach on Lake Fenton. It is located behind the Fenton Township Civic Community Center located at 12060 Mantawauka Drive, Fenton, MI 48430.

There is about 15 miles of shoreline.  The lake is 95-feet deep at the lowest point, and on average, 21 feet. It is  the largest lake in Genessee County at 845 acres. Years ago Lake Fenton used to be called Long Lake, (it is about 3 miles long from one end to the other), as it stretches from North Long Lake Road to South Long Lake Road.

Skipper Buds Marina is on Lake Fenton at 14016 Fenton Road in FentonMI 48430.  They rent dock space but I do not believe they have gas.  I am unsure if there is a state approved water ski course.   The streets around the lake are paved.  There are a few canals on the lake.  The children on the lake go to Fenton schools or Lake Fenton schools.

Lake Ponemah Fenton MI    379 acres     public     all sports lake    77 feet deep Lake Ponemah is a public all sports lake that is 379 acres in size.  The deepest spot on the lake is about 77 feet deep.  This information comes from a state map.  According to the state map the contour of the lake is about 4.67 miles long.  The mean depth of the lake is 23 feet.  There is no public beach.  There is a State of Michigan public DNR launch off of North Road off Torrey Road.  It has 35 parking spots for vehicles and boat trailers.                Homes for sale Lake Ponemah Fenton MIThe streets around the lake are paved.  I do not know if there is a state approved water ski course.  The children on the lake go to Fenton Schools or Lake Fenton depending on where you live.  There is a marina on lake that is called Lake Ponemah Marina.  It is on the south side of the lake of Silver Lake Road. Lake Ponemah is both spring fed and fed by the Shiawassee River.  There are several canals on the lake that have about a hundred homes on them.                                    

Lake Ponemah connects to two other lakes, Squaw Lake and Tupper Lake, and the Shiawassee River runs through the lake. There are two decent size islands on the lake that are uninhabited.  Ponemah connects to Tupper and Squaw Lake and the lake association is called PST after the first initials of each lake. PST is very involved and they do many events and parties all year long. It is a natural kettle lake that is spring fed and fed by the Shiawassee River.  Lake Ponemah has a sand bar near the DNR lake access that lake lovers frequently gather on to play water volley ball and to hang out with other lake residents.

Lobdell Lake Linden Mi      545 acres     public     all sports lake   78 feet deep Lobdell Lake is a big lake with a lot of shoreline so there are many home sites.  I am guessing there are about 700 parcels on the lake from the research I have done.  The majority of the parcels have homes on them.  Like most of the lakes in Genessee County and in South East Michigan it is rare to find a buildable lake lot any more.    There are not going to be as many of the huge lake estates that you will find on Lake Fenton, or Silver Lake on Lobdell Lake.  On some parts of Lobdell Lake the homes will be closer together.  Lobdell Lake Linden MILobdell  Lake, the 2nd largest in the Fenton/Linden area.  It is a public all sports lake that is about 545 acres in size.  There are no wake restrictions that I know of.  The deepest spot in the lake is 78 feet deep.  Most of the lake is fairly shallow (under 10') from what I see on the DNR map.  The school district for the lake is Linden Schools.  There is a public access through a a DNR boat launch off Argentine Road.  There is no public beach, nor is there a marina on the lake. The streets around the lake are mainly paved though there is at least one road that is gravel.  The lake is spring fed.  There are many bays on the lake and there is one canal.  There are no condos on the lake.  I do not know if there is a water ski course on Lobdell Lake.        Lobell Lake has many contours.  There are many fingers, islands, and bays   Lobdell Lake is connected to Bennett Lake by the north-south channel under Bennett Lake Rd. From there you can get to Hoisington Lake from Bennett Lake.    A few added benefits of the lake is the bar and market that you can get to by boat.  When you go under the bridge from Lobdell lake into Bennet lake, Snappers on the water is on the left-hand side.  Having a bar on a lake is great because if you decide that you do not want to cook you just drive the boat up to the restaurant. 

Marl Lake Fenton MI             76 acres     private    all sports lake   36 feet deep  Marl Lake is a private all sports lake that is about 75 acres in size.  It does have wake restrictions in the canal going to Silver Lake.  The mean depth of the lake is about 10.8 feet.  Marl Lake deepest spot is 36 feet deep.  There is no public beach or marine on the lake but there is one on Silver Lake.  There is no DNR boat launch on Silver Lake or Marl Lake. It is not a big lake but the lake lies on the border of Livington County and Genessee County.  About a 1/3 of the southern part of the lake lies in Livingston County.  The lake also lies in three different communities.  They are Fenton, Fenton Township, and Tyrone Townshi. There is no state approved water ski course on the lakes that I know of.  The lake is spring fed.  The streets around the lake are all paved.  Depending on where you live the school district for the lake is either Linden and Fenton Schools.  There are a couple of canals on the lake.   Marl Lake connects to Silver Lake via a culvert under Owens Rod.  There is a one acre island at the north end of the lake.  There is one association for both Silver and Marl Lake.  It is an active lake association that puts on a fishing tournament music on the lake. Pine Lake Fenton MI           132 acres     private    non all sports lake   29 feet deep Pine Lake is a private non all sports lake.  You cannot tow anybody behind your boat nor can you speed around the lake.  It is about 132 acres in size with the max depth of 29 feet in the south east basin.  The northwest basin has another deep hole of 19 feet deep.   The average depth on the lake is about 8 feet deep.  They tried to change Pine Lake from a non all sports lake to an all sports lake back in 2007, but there was not enough support from the lake residents to change the laws and regulation.  It still is a non all sports lake.  The law actually states  "that you cannot operate such motorboat at high speed, which means a speed at or above which a motorboat reaches a planing condition".  Nor can you tow anybody tubing or waterskiing.  However it does not say anything about a jet ski.  So it is not limiting boating (just at high speeds).....it's not a total non all sports lake.  There is no marina on the lake, no water ski course, and no condominiums on the lake.  There is no city park or public beach on the lake.  There are no canals on the lake but there is one peninsula that sticks out into the lake that divides the lake into a north and south basin.

Shinanguag Lake Goodrich MI   238 acres   private all sports 20 feet deep

Lake Shinanguag or Lake Shinny as the residents call it is the biggest lake near Goodrich.  There are quite a few smaller lakes but non are as big as Lake Shinanguag.  Many of them are not all sports lakes nor big enough to do tubing or water skiing on.  Lake Shinanguag is a private all sports lake that is about 238 acres in size.  It does not have a public boat launch site, or a DNR boat launch site.  Nor does it have a city, county, or public beach.

There are no wake restrictions or boating restrictions that I know of.  If you know of any email me at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com  The deepest spot on Shinanguag Lake comes from an old DNR lake map.  It says it is about 20 feet deep. The water source for the lake is Kearsley Creek and spring fed.  The lake lies entirely in Atlas Township in Genessee County.  There is no marina, gas station, bar, or restaurant on the lake. The roads around the lake are a mixture of paved and gravel roads.  The homes are on well and septic systems.  There are no water ski courses, condominiums, or canals on the lake. Silver Lake Fenton MI        310 acres   private    all sports lake     64 deep Silver Lake is a kettle lake formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.  It is a great lake not too far from downtown Fenton  There is a single inlet from Marl Lake on the south end and an outlet that discharges into Lake Ponemah on the north end. There is a 62 foot deep basin at the south end of the lake. Homes for sale Silver Lake FentonLake access to Silver Lake is at one of the two marinas, Silver Spray Sports and White’s Landing, both off Silver Lake Road.  There is also a public beach at Silver Lake Park.  It is a nice public beach in Fenton.  I believe you can get to Marl Lake from Silver Lake but I do not know what size of boat can get through the culvert under Owen Road. 

developed in 1974. It is located at 16100 Jennings Road off of Silver Parkway.  You can watch the fireworks from the park, but be prepared it is going to be crowded. 

I hope this helps you find the best Genessee County Lakes. 

Looking for your dream lake home in Genessee County, Livingston County, or Oakland County.  Give me a call.  I know the lakes and can save you lots of time and energy.  Plus I am a good negotiator that will keep more of your money in your pocket.  Call me on my cell today at 248-310-6239

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