April is Military BRAT Month – 17 Things that Make Them Different

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Since 1986, April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child (BRAT) by the United States Department of Defense.

This is a legacy of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger as a time to applaud military children and the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges that they overcome.

Let's remember all the Military #BRATS that serve our country, just like their parents.

Many real estate agents help military families move from base to base to find off-base housing. Thank you!

17 Things Only Military Brats Understand

1) Making new friends in a new distant location every 3-4 years. Usually losing touch with the friends you left behind.

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17) If you live on base, you worry when a military staff car drives down your street with 2 uniformed members in the car. It’s probably because someone’s parent is KIA (Killed in Action), MIA (Missing in Action), or a POW (Prisoner of War). During a war, most on-base housing blinds/curtains are shut facing the street so that those inside don’t see the staff cars. When the staff car stops at someone else’s house, one or both of your parents, along with the other parents from the neighborhood, go to their house to be with the family.

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