What is your LifeDrive?

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A topic I have chosen to focus a lot of time on lately with my coaching clients is drilling down deep to understand what their LifeDrive is.  What do I mean by LifeDrive?  Well, exactly what it sounds like...what is your driving force?  Why do you want to succeed in this business?  Many people's knee jerk reaction is they want to make a lot of money, have a lot of freedom, and a lot of flexibility.  The truth is, they spend so much time taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility they never achieve the money.  And you know what, that's fine!  If, and only if, they don't really need or want the money.

Truth:  Money doesn't mean anything.  It is simply some pictures and words on a funny type of paper.  Money is never the motivator.  One of my coaching clients jokingly tells me ,"You're right, Jeff.  Money is not a motivator, the LACK of money is a motivator!"  You may disagree, the majority of you may disagree, but the fact is that the only reason money may be a motivator is because of what money allows us to do.  How we spend it, why we spend it, that is the motivator.  When we have it what does it do for us, how does it make us feel?  Does it make us feel safe, secure?  Does it invigorate us by allowing us to travel to exotic destinations and learn about new worlds?  Does it make us feel successful and proud that we have overcome a particular adversity?

If you are not in tune with your LifeDrive, ask yourself this simple question ,"If time and money were not an issue, what would you be doing with your life?"  This is a starting point to find out what makes you tick.  Money, after all, is simply a way to fund our life mission.  Get in tune with yours.  Once you do, it will drastically help you overcome the obstacles you have in front of you in this business.  It will help you weather the storm, ride out the rollercoaster of emotions, etc. that come along with this business.  If you write it down or paste a picture of it at your desk, place in your wallet, and so on, it will help pull you through the difficult days and help you enjoy the successfull days a little more just by knowing you are one step closer to living your dreams.

Always Remember, There Are No Limits!

Jeff Bonham

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