Problem is Bernake doesn't speak english, and no one speaks Bernake

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Okay, maybe a little.

Who are we? Japan? Will we have a 1% interest rate trying to recover a market for the 5-6 years that was killed by Wall Street greed.

Wall Street greed my rear-end. Everyone blames it on Wall Street but all they did was come up the financial creativeness to facilitate the real responsible parties for this depression (OMG?) Did I just say the "D" word. No one else will.

Fact is markets have fallen almost 50% in the last year. Let me give you a clip from 2.14.08 "The Dow Jones Industrial average dropped 1.14 percent to 12,409.58 after Mr. Bernanke's remarks.

This greed was led by the US consumer, the one now paying the price.

Were it not for the consumer's desire for more than he could afford, more than he could pay back, and more than he deserved we would not be here now.

If you have clients who have come to their senses and realize they over did things, or new ones with issues. Even past clients you might help move "down" into more affordable properties where their credit worth it. Contact my new compay. or or all do to the same place and all will help.

I can document a 50 point increase in credit score in 45 days.

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