Historic Home Interior - Where Do I Start?

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You have finally settled on the home of your dreams.  You knew from the moment you walked into the front parlor that you had to buy it.  After weeks of stress you finally walk into the home.  The walls are bare, the furniture is gone, and all of a sudden you realize what a leap you just made.  Where do you start?

First let's talk research.  Those of you who have just purchased a house with "history"  may already be lucky enough to have the homes past already documented. Most  of us though are not so fortunate.  You must think in the broadest of terms.  Think of all context concerning the house i.e its physical, social, and historical presence at the time your house was built.  You need to see your home through the eyes of the people who lived there in order to see how they lived there. What was going on in their world both historically and socially at the time?  

You will need to make a list of all the names, ages, and dates of the people who lived in the house.  Then list them chronologically  into a historical framework. Your county clerk will be your new best friend for they hold the key to the records and public papers that will document the history of the home you now own.  You will then want to visit the local Historical Society to research further.  They will no doubt have knowledge and documentation of not only your home and neighborhood but also the people who have lived there in the past. Many times the members of the society are more than willing to pass on the names of reputable tradesmen, in the area, who can help you in the restoration of your home.  

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