Getting More Than The Asking Price When Selling Your Home

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When the number of real estate buyers is greater than the number of available homes, real estate property values usually go up.  It's an ideal environment for sellers because buyers are forced to compete, and properties usually sell quickly; often for even more than the asking price.

But as more properties go on the market, buyer competition subsides.  Prices level out, and eventually drop.  Most assume this is a bad time to sell a home.  But in fact, it can be the best time for educated sellers to tap into a little known market, using the creative power of seller financing.

A seller's best strategy- With the assistants of A.G. Realty Investments, a seller can open the doors to buyers normally locked out by traditional financing.  A so-called "down market" is the ideal time for resourceful sellers to target the millions of people who can't get funding.  These buyers are often willing to pay more in order to buy a home without traditional financing.

The seller sets the price, determines and accepts a down payment, and then finances the remaining balance.  The buyer gets a home without having to fully qualify for a traditional loan.  It's a favorable situation for both seller and buyer.  And while this "outside of the box" form of financing can seem a bit daunting, it can happen very smoothly and easily with our knowledge, experience, and guidance.

Here is an example:  If the seller wants $100,000 for the property, and the buyer gives the seller $10,000 cash, the seller will finance the balance of $90,000.  The buyer and seller would then agree to the terms, such as the interest rate and the total term, and uses an attorney to create the mortgage document and close the deal.  From that point on the buyer sends the seller monthly payments for the house he has just purchased.

A great opportunity for sellers- The whole process can really be that simple.  But there are some substantial differences between a seller-financed deal and one that relies on traditional bank funding.

First of all, the seller will not receive a large one-time payment at the time of the sale.  In fact, the seller will only receive the down payment.  Since many home sellers are also looking to buy another property, the seller may need to get enough at closing to pay his/her down payment.  Without this payment, the seller's hands could be tied when he/she looks to purchase another house.  There s a common solution to this issue that offers the potential for even MORE money to the seller.

A.G. Realty Investments can provide cash to new mortgage holders by purchasing their newly created note.  In the end, seller financing could be used to sell property at a higher price than expected and sellers could get the money they need.  Essentially, sellers can "have their cake and eat it too."

In summary                                                                                                                                                                                 Step #1:  Use the seller-finance option to find unique customers willing to purchase at a higher price than would have been possible otherwise

Step #2:  Decide on the terms of the deal and create the note to complete the real estate transaction quickly.

Step #3:  Contact A.G. Realty Investments for a lump sum cash payment for your newly created real estate note.  In fact, we prefer you contact us before creating the note so that we can make recommendations on how to structure the note to maximize its value.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you would like to learn more about the creation and/or sale of a real estate note, please contact us at (347)844-1435 or send an email to  If know someone that might be interested in selling their seller-financed mortgage refer them to us.  If we close on the purchase of their note we will pay you a referral fee of .5% of the purchase price.

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