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ForeclosureFocusUSA - An Unvarnished Truth

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I've been doing preforeclosure workouts including short sales across the USA for 20 years... not 20 minutes. In my third book, An Ethical Approach to Short Sales, I advocate competency and professionalism from short sale practitioners. My latest book, Fight Foreclosure! is a how-to guide for homeowners. This group encourages posted comments, questions, essays, links, etc. on the USA foreclosure condition. If a post, in my opinion, advances the level of understanding.. it will remain. If it is fluff..... or simply restates what's already been posted.... it goes. Questions or scenarios of a confidential nature may be emailed to me at info@spoch.org to assist those homeowners and/or realty professionals who seek resources and solutions to current or anticipated preforeclosure related problems.


David Petrovich

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