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As a home staging expert my goal is to help home owners and realtors sell their homes quickly and for top dollar. As they say you only get one chance to make a first impression. So make it count!

Get to know Chris Twing

While Chris’s formal education includes a Master’s in Anthropology, she often jokes that had she known decorating was a “real job” she would have chosen it from the start.

After several years as an anthropologist Chris discovered her knack for marketing. She worked in marketing in the financial sector, crafts, children’s clothing and motorcycles. Having marketed such a diverse array of items and services she has the unique perspective necessary to turn your home into a marketable product buyers will love.

Once Chris was married and had her first child she decided it was time to be her own boss and started teaching other mom’s how to preserve their precious memories through scrapbooking. Chris says, “I’m so excited to move my creative talents from the page onto a much larger canvas like walls and entire homes.” Chris’ artistic use of subtle colors and professional design principles can turn any home into a show place.

With such a diverse background Chris has learned one key point about herself; she loves a challenge. Each new home presents a challenge of its own. Whether your home has too much clutter, builder white walls, an awkward layout or just looks dated, let Chris handle the challenge and take some of the stress off your shoulders.

When Chris began working as a home stager she was often asked if staging was really worth the effort and expense. Without a moments hesitation the answer was a resounding YES! Then she shared the following stories with us.

Right after having her son the stock market crashed, her husband lost his dream job and together they decided it was time to move. Her house was only two years old and she had a baby to look after so with a full plate of disappointment they decided to put the house on the market as it was. They did declutter and remove a few personal items but that was it. After four months on the market and several price drops the house still hadn’t sold. The problem was even though their home was new and decluttered it was just like many other homes on the market. It didn’t wow buyers, didn’t stand out from the crowd and in a buyer’s market a house has to do both.

In contrast Chris worked with another client whose husband had already accepted a new job several states away and they needed to sell their home fast. After staging, on a very limited budget, the owners accepted a full price offer only hours after placing the house on the market.

If you need someone to take some of the pressure and stress out of what is arguably one of the most stressful events in life, selling your home, let Chris’ business savvy and artistic eye work for you.

Chris Twing's Blog Posts


When preparing a home for sale it is important not to neglect the outisde of our homes. The front of our homes is more often than not the first thing potential buyers see. From a distance this entry doesn't look too bad (not too good either). But we all need to remember potential buyers will be standing there, waiting for their agent to get into the lock box and unlock the door. This gives them time to notice all the little things such as peeling paint and worn hardware. A fresh coat of paint that coordinates well with the house and a nicely potted plant are often all that's needed to turn a depressing entry into welcoming one. Click here to learn more about what a difference your front door can make in selling your home.

While this dining room has great light the lack of window treatments and builder white walls make it feel cold and uninviting. In addition the furniture placement didn't allow enough room to walk around the table freely. A fresh coat of paint, beautiful window treatments and rearranging the furniture turned this lifeless dining room into an entertainers dream. The room is now warm and inviting. In addition the old chandelier was too small for this large room and the placement of it made the furniture arrangement less than desirable. By swagging a larger modern chandelier toward the center of the room the flow of the room is terrific.

Often sellers make the mistake of thinking a vacant home will be easier to sell because all of their clutter and personal items will be out of the way. However trying to sell your home vacant is a big mistake. Without furnitre buyers have a difficult time imaging where furniture will go or if it will even fit in the room. The addition of a simple white table and chairs (purchased second hand and painted by the home owner) invites buyers to imagine themselves sitting down to a meal and the tasteful accesories and decor add much needed warmth to the room.


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