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Donne Knudsen
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Get to Know Donne Knudsen

As both a licensed CA DRE Realtor as well as an NMLS licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO),  I am true believer in the American dream of home ownership and believe that everyone who wants to own a home should have all the information they need in order to make the right decisions in trying to make that dream come true. 

While there are many who dream of owning their own home, there are also many who may not be interested in buying or who many simply not be in a position right now to buy.  I look forward to being able to assist these folks as well in either working with them to find just the right rental property or in assisting them with getting prepared to be able to qualify for a mortgage loan.

I am qualified, experienced and prepared to assist with both your mortgage and/or real estate needs - whatever they may be!  My ideal client is someone who understands and appreciates the value of personal service.  I have dedicated my time, energy and experience to assisting low-medium income first-time residents and buyers and it is my goal to focus on a client's needs; offering them options and providing them with world-class service.

I am an ambitious and hard-working professional who enjoys what I do very much.  I derive a considerable amount of pleasure and excitement in helping my clients in their pursuit of buying a home.  Furthermore, I actually like my clients too!  Quite often, at the end of the process, I find that not only do I have a client for life but I've also made a good friend too.  

After nine years in the mortgage industry, I made the move to include real estate sales and rental services in my list of services available to my clients.  As a licensed real estate agent since 2003, I just chose to be a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) in the mortgage industry rather than a real estate agent in the Real Estate industry.  Being able to assist my clients with not only their real estate needs as well as there mortgage needs, will make the home buying experience less complicated.


CalState Realty Services has joined with C2 Financial Corp to create a full-service agency to assist buyers and sellers with both their real estate needs as well as their mortgage needs.