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Chula Vista , CA 91910

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Project HomeWatch was created to help homeowners facing foreclosure track their exact position location along the foreclosure timeline which enables us to suggest possible exit strategies.

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Why We Exist

While I was an REO agent I evicted many homeowners who were very confused as to why this was happening.  They were in touch with their banks doing loan mods and forebearance plans and thought everything was on hold.  After seeing this time and time again my partners and I decided to create a simple website and software that would tell homeowners what their exact position was on the foreclosure timeline, documents that would be needed in proceeding with specific strategies and step by step recommendations on how to handle the different stages.  In addition, we created the FOPI Score (Foreclosure Probability Index) which ranges from 0-500 that gives them a quick idea what stage they are in.  The higher the number the greater their possibility of losing their home.

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Why Are We So Passionate

We specialize in helping homeowners stop paying for Up Front Fees for Loan Mods, Loan Audits and all the other scams out there.  We provide the FACTS on your exact location on the foreclosure timeline, step-by-step recommendations for each stage, downloadable documents that are needed for different strategies, comps in the area, recorded mortgage documents  and up to date real estate news.  Our belief is that No One should pay an average of $3000 for any mortgage assistance!