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I'm recognized by industry professionals & by the thousands of people I've helped raise their credit score for real estate as America’s #1 Real Estate Credit Specialist. - http://www.JayRobins.com

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I’m proud to be recognized in the mortgage credit industry, and by the thousands of families I’ve helped to obtain low-cost mortgages to buy their dream homes, as America’s #1 Real Estate Credit Specialist.

For 15 years, I’ve been involved in real estate, spending the last 10 helping others overcome their credit issues. My credentials include:

FHA Approved Lender 2004-2008 Licensed Florida Real Estate Agent Credit Instructor for Realtor Associations Credit Instructor for Government Employees Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist 2007 Real Estate Investor Webinar Leader for Foreclosure.com

But my best credential for helping others through serious credit issues is that I’ve faced and overcome them myself.

When I was a real estate investor, I was trapped by the Meltdown holding four underwater investment properties. I kept up my mortgage payments on my credit cards and loans, and found myself in over $100,000 of new debt, determined to prevent my credit from imploding. When my body began shutting down from stress, I finally asked a professional credit specialist for help. He and I created a game plan, and I shed a thousand pound burden. On his advice, I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. After 90 days, my debts were discharged and I remained in my home. And I had never felt so exhilarated in my life. My experience led me to devote myself to helping other people through their credit crises.

I’m also participating as National Mortgage Credit Specialist in a new interactive TV show and website to launch in 2012, The REO Show: Real Estate Opportunities For Right Now, from Tropical Fox Productions.

I live in Boca Raton, Florida, where my community involvement includes The Haven (a group home for boys), the George Snow Scholarship Fund, and the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers.

But my greatest satisfaction comes from my work. Like you, I help people buy their most important and personal asset—the homes where they live, raise their families, and establish roots in their communities.

To see the “Score Your Dream Home Program” that I’ve devoted all of my years of real estate and mortgage credit experience to create, Click Here >>




For 10 years, I’ve counseled thousands on how to upgrade their credit scores to buy the home they really want.

Today, I do my personal, one-on-one consultations complimentary for 15 minutes. If I feel it is is your best interest to speak longer, you have the option of receiving a custom real estate credit game plan using Skype video calls (or just via phone conference).  This personal service is $350 for up to two hours, which I guarantee. At the end of our time spent, you Will get the value you were looking for or you simply don’t pay.

You will receive a thorough analysis of your personal real estate credit situation and walk away with a detailed game plan to get you where you want to be no  matter your situation with an estimate of what the total fee will be if you choose to hire my team to do everything for you.  Please call me at 561-852-6111 or email direct at Jay@JayRobins.com or fill out the Contact Form by clicking here to discuss this option.



But I’m introducing a brand new program to help more people individually yet affordable.  And because you are on this website today, I am offering a promotion of 20% off. Type in promotional code “pros”! Keep reading….

The Jay Robins’ 2011 “Score Your Dream Home” Program put all the tools a mortgage seeker needs in their own hands—with my step-by-step guidance to show them exactly how to get the good credit they deserve.

They’ll Use The Mortgage-Specific Techniques Nobody Else Offers

No other credit specialist or counselor I know of can provide the same insider view of industry practices such as:

-How to analyze a new scoring method. The Big 3 Credit Bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion—all used the same credit scoring system until recently—“Fair Isaac” or FICO.  Today, TransUnion uses a different system.  I’ll show your Clients how to avoid the problem this has caused for lots of mortgage seekers.

-Why your Clients should think twice before using the Three-In-One monitoring services offered by the Big 3 Credit Bureaus. The Bureaus want consumers to pay higher fees to see the information they’re forced, in some cases, to provide for free by Federal law. But there’s only one sure way to obtain all three scores accurately, and I’ll show how.

-How to obtain guaranteed new credit to improve a credit utilization ratio. That represents over 30% of each credit score calculation.

-Why “Aliases” matter despite what the Bureaus say. Anyone who has more than one name on their credit report, or out-of-order mailing addresses or employment history, could lose 10 points per error on their mortgage credit scores

-Why partnerships with mortgage professionals are critical. I’ll teach your Clients why they need to be in partnership with professionals like you who understand the new rules and guidelines.

It’s all there—and easy to follow– through the process of obtaining, comparing, and disputing the Bureaus’ three credit reports with my  Re-Scoring Software and Workbook to fix credit issues one by one… on each credit report. Your Clients will learn how to operate like industry insiders to:

Obtain and review their3 credit scores Break down the elements of theircredit score to fix each issue Set a target score to qualify for the type of mortgage they want Boost their scores by correcting errors and optimizing debt-to-credit ratios Manage relationships with brokers and lenders to make a difference Take action to create a smooth path-to-closing

This is the first and only program dedicated to boosting your Clients’ credit scores for a new mortgage or refinancing. Profit from my experience with thousands of other home buyers by making sure your Clients take advantage of this truly special offer.


Inside The Jay Robins 2011 “Score Your Dream Home” Program:

For the first time, all of the information, professional tools, and personalized strategy in my consulting program is packed into a simple “D.I.Y.” program…

Re-Scoring Software, priced alone at $99.
I selected this professional program for you to use because it’s faster, easier, and more secure than any other method. Its point-and-click interface guides the user to: order free credit reports, remove errors and negative items with dispute letters crafted by attorneys, negotiate with creditors, and keep it all organized. Even accurate negative items can often be removed. No other software can help you improve a credit profile so fast.

Increase a user’s credit score up to 250 points Order free credit reports Remove errors and negative items Leverage the law in the user’s favor Easy to use. Point and click. No recurring fees Repairs credit for up to 3 people Faster than any other method Guaranteed to increase the user’s score

Guidebook, priced alone at $49,

The 2011/12 “Score Your Dream Home” Guidebook goes hand and hand with the Re-Scoring Software and includes:

The RealitiesOf Applying For A Mortgage In 2011 Get Acquainted With Your Credit Re-ScoringSoftware Want a Personal Consultation? Changing Your Credit Report To Boost Your Credit Score Could You Be A Victim Of Credit Predators? Avoid Common Credit Score Mistakes Dealing With a Credit Score After A Big Problem Think Like a Lender Organize To Maintain A High Credit Score The Emotional Side Of Credit Repair

With a Summary for the time-starved who just want the broad strokes necessary to raise a mortgage credit score.

MP3 Audio Book, priced alone at $49

Users who don’t have time to read the Guidebook at all can download this audio version onto their iPhone, iPod or any other mp3 player to listen on the way to work, at the gym, or on the go.

Video Tutorial

I show users, step-by-step, how to use the Re-Scoring Software and Guidebook together to raise their score.

The Jay Robins 2011 “Score Your Dream Home” Program, Software, Workbook, MP3, and Video Tutorial will be offered together starting in December 2011 for $197.00. But you can order it to evaluate right now for $59, and your Clients will be able to buy it for the same price until December 31, 2011.

The Personal Consultation Option

And after they have the opportunity to try the software, they will also be able to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with me at the special promotional rate of $350.00 until December 31, 2011.

My promise to your Clients of what they can get out of a personal consultation is simple:

“Be forthcoming with me by spelling out all your real estate credit issues and objectives, and I will be straightforward with you in spelling out exactly what we can achieve together. There’s no shame in having credit issues today—only in doing nothing and denying yourself the home you and your family deserve! I understand the sense of helplessness when your financial life is turned upside down by institutions that are big, powerful, and not always ethical. In some cases, it may take more time to get your score as high as necessary for a good, low-cost mortgage—but if you work with me, I will raise your score.”

If after we speak, your client is not happy with the value I provided, they owe me nothing other the the cost of the $59 Software Program.

You and Your Client’s 180-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s why I can offer a no-fine-print, no-weasel-words guarantee:

“If you or your client order The Jay Robins’ 2011 “Score Your Dream Home” Program and follow through on the advice you receive, you must  start seeing results in a higher credit score within 180 days or I will refund your money.  Period.” 

This is the same guarantee I give clients who spend $1500 or more for a personalized program.  And I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve never had a client take me up on my guarantee because we have always brought their credit scores up as agreed.  I make this 100% Money Back Guarantee because some unethical “credit repair” operators have failed to perform on their promises and given our industry a bad name.  And I put my money where my mouth is.

Take Your Future and Your Clients Future Into Your Own Hands Now

You know, better than anyone, that it’s an unforgiving world out there for people seeking a mortgage. That’s why I’ve made it my business, my only business, to make the Big 3 Credit Bureaus give people the mortgage credit scores they deserve.

Now it’s up to you to get your Clients the help they need—and reward yourself in the process. Please contact me for Special Rates for ordering Programs for your clients in bulk, or simply by referring your Clients to me for assistance.

I’m looking forward to serving you!

Jay Robins

America’s #1 Real Estate Credit Specialist

(561) 852-6111


The Jay Robins 2011 “Score Your Dream Home” Program

Get Your Clients The Credit Scores They Need For The Homes They Really Want or Try it Yourself!

I am offering a promotion of 20% off to all real estate professionals.  Visit my website and type in promotional code

“pros” upon checkout www.JayRobins.com