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Get to Know Gina Puckett

Growing up in the Bay Area, I have fond memories of helping my parents buy, fix up, and sell houses- sometimes 2 a year! My parents were some of the first real estate "flippers". I learned how to strip wallpaper, caulk tile, choose paint color, tear down walls and plant trees.  I learned early on an important truism: what you put into a property determines what you get out of a property. Every decision affects the bottom line, and sometimes the simplest fixes provide the best return-on-investment.

As an adult, I lovingly restored, remodeled, and resold homes across Los Angeles County.  After a long, successful career in sales & marketing for the jewelry industry, I began this staging business in 2006.

I love being of service to others, and I love the challenge, creativity, and problem-solving that goes into every staging project.  And as you know, enthusiasm is contagious!


I specialize in "Designed To Sell" services to prepare your property to sell in today's buyer's market. Unlike most LA stagers, I specialize in older, smaller homes, unusual floorplans, and hard-to-sell listings. My staging/remodeling process takes the pressure off the homeowner, freeing up their time to work with the listing agent, and to handle all the personal details that go into a home transition.

Home staging is still a new industry.  Many homeowners have not heard of staging before, or may have heard a little but don't know how staging can help their situation. Here's how!

I refer to it as the Ten Key Words of Staging:






Flowing Floorplan

Usable Space





What do these words mean?  Here's an exercise:

walk outside, go to the front curb of your property. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe, then turn around and open your eyes.  What do you see?  Walk slowly from the curb to the front door, observing as you go.  Walk through every room, open every closet, then out the back door to your back yard and garage.  What have you seen? Can you use these words to describe what you have seen?  If not, then it's time to put a professional stager on your team!

The "Ten Key Words of Staging" are the standards of today's prospective homebuyer.

If you haven't sold a property in the past 5 years, you're in for a rude awakening! The real estate market has changed dramatically.  Like it or not, more than 83% of prospective homebuyers use the internet to aide their property search. Translation: agents and homebuyers will look at your property on the internet first and then decide whether they want to see it in person! Yikes! That means a whole new layer of marketing needs to be added to sell your property for top dollar. You as the listing agent or homeowner can take control of the situation by making sure your listing is camera-ready and internet friendly! Staging is now a critical key step to selling your property!

Now, all this can sound a bit overwhelming.  But put yourself in the shoes of the prospective homebuyer.  In the current market, they've got to have 1. good credit  2. consistent, verifiable income  3. a substantial down-payment and 3. lots of courage to be willing to buy in these turbulent times.  They feel entitled to reward themselves with the most appealing, attractive, pleasant home they can afford.  And you know what? They deserve it, so we should stage the property to give them what they deserve- a clean, uncluttered, non-personal, updated, upscale, warm, inviting, and exciting home with a flowing floorplan and lots of usable space.

Great staging will fully prepare your property to sell in the quickest amount of time for the best possible price. Worried about the cost of staging? Staging pays for itself at your bottom line- consider it an investment.  In a buyer's market like we have now, of course there is added pressure on the seller to make sure his/her property is the most appealing in its location/price range.  When I see listings sitting on the market unsold for long periods of time, I think of the cost of not staging!




Real Estate Staging & Remodeling Services for listing agents & homeowners of vacant or owner-occupied properties in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.