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Why Bother to Use Local Food Sourcing? I suppose after watching the move Contagion with Matt Damon, et al, I have come to appreciate the need to buy and eat local even more so. I blog on everything green but am frustrated by the lack of control over our food sources and handling. It just seems ri...
I can safely say that opinions of home based business (HBB) prior to 2008 were, well, not so great.   The funny thing is, real estate is just like having a HBB - it's independent personal sales efforts and team building while helping others. The differences being that real estate usually doesn't ...
Look who's on page 18! To view this email as a web page, go here. Forward to Friends We are pleased to present the Natural Awakenings March issue, with many articles aimed at helping to change the way Americans eat! Your feedback is always welcome.  We love to share!!! If you like, please:  foll...
I'm in this master mind group for Banantude and played a role in a fictional story our group has posted, Rashomon - The Buyers' Agent. I play the role of an air headnewbie. As I typed it I thought whose going to believe this? Then this blog comes along and well, maybe my story is non-fiction for ...
Looking for something to do outdoors this spring? Then take a bike ride through San Antonio. The city of San Antonio's hike and bike initiative is part of the goal to get San Antonio healthy.   San Antonio Bike Initiative Bicycle Links: SA Bikes Home About SA Bikes Bicycle Master Plan Events & Me...
What's the Value of an Appraisal?  Anyone NOT in the real estate profession might say, "To get the market value of a home" - WRONG! Market Value, by definition (economics) is - "What the buyer is willing and able to pay with respect to what a seller is willing and able to accept" - the crux of re...
My friend John McCormack did an outstanding job creating this Google Map tutorial.  Let this be a lesson for Activerain people. Ask and you shall receive!  I am the colleague John referenced in this video. I asked John in a market report blog comment "How do you make a cool map like that,  then p...
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In today's media world we are VISUAL LEARNERS so anytime we can use charts, graphs, photos, or videos to convey our ideas we are better able to capture our audience. On that note, we should also write with our audience in mind. If you are doing reports for general consumers then it would look one...
Since 2007 we've been struggling with the public perception that real estate is not a good investment. We've also struggled to put the word out that the "bad market" is regional, & quite micro oriented. I know we've all been experiencing the unveiling of a beautiful 2012. Personally, my market ha...

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