365 things to do in Worcester county

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365 things to do in Worcester County. Every day there is something new and exciting to do in Central Massachusetts



Haunting Questions for Halloween.  I have been wondering about these for a while now.  Nice to have someone actually put them together.  If you know the answer, please let me know.These will make you ponder just a bit.  So much that happens in our country and world for that matter never makes sen...
365 things to do in Worcester County - Halloween dance party at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Worcester.  Today is officially the day that the gouls and goblins come out.  It is the spookiest day of the year.  Today is Halloween.  This year Halloween falls on a Sunday so the celebration is going ...
365 things to do in Worcester County - Pick out a Halloween outfit at Halloween Outlet in Worcester.  Keep in mind that Halloween is my favorite holiday, ever.  When can you dress up as anything and anyone?  Purim is great but the choices are limited.  You have Queen Ester, Haman, Mordechai or th...
365 things to do in Worcester County - have a meal at Val's Restaurant in Holden.  As I am writing this blog, I am considering if I really want to promote Val's as one of my 365 things to do in Worcester County.  I mean I went there with the best intention of blogging about the restaurant.  I mea...
    365 things to do in Worcester County - go golfing before winter is here.  As the warm weather winds down we are quickly wrapping up all the things we need and do during the summer months.  This week end, My hubby and I will finally get the window air conditioners put away.  We are mentally an...
365 things to do in Worcester County - Keep your kids safe on Halloween.  So last week I provided you with helpful hints for your pet to be safe on Halloween.  It would just not be right if I did not provide you with helpful suggestions on how to keep your most important family member safe.  So h...
365 things to do in Worcester county - Sell a 4 bedroom home with a in Spencer.  If it is a great time to buy, it certainly should be a good time to sell.  If you have a great property, you will most certainly find a buyer for your home.  Just take at this lovely mini - estate in Spencer and find...
365 things to do in Worcester County - listen to a concert at Wachusett Regional High School in Holden.  So it is one of my favorite motherly duties, to go to my children's concerts.  Not only am I supporting and encouraging my children, but I am also enjoying the very talented performance of Wac...
So, I just went to my favorite section of blogs, Realtors with pets.  and since today is speechless Sunday, I am ready to contribute just photos.  But how can I not say a few words about my zoo?!  I share my home with non human residents. There is Sasha, my very old and getting older by the minut...
365 things to do in Worcester County - enjoy Japanese Food at Sakura Tokyo, Worcester.  Located at 640 Park Ave, in Worcester, Sakura Tokyo ranks is one of my favorite restaurants in Worcester for Japanese cuisine.  One of my favorite reasons is that there is always a show at the Tepinyaki tables...

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