I'm not an appraiser and I don't play on on TV but I feel fairly confident of my ability to value property pretty fairly.  Granted, sometimes the Seller wants a little more and over prices the listing.  If they don't I usually feel we'll make it past any appraisal. It seems, though, that appraise...
Every now and then I'll encounter a home seller that when they say "I want to sell this house." they really mean it. They listen to my rationale for recommending a price. They look at the comparable sales. They make a decision to price the home so it will attract the largest number of potential b...
I saw the URL to this video on Twitter (where else, huh?). It's just boggles the mind how quickly social media has taken off and how far reaching it is. You should really toggle this to full screen to get the full effect...and it's only a tad over 4 minutes.If you've been thinking if all this Act...
Here is a nice, single family home ideally located within minutes of parks, great shopping, schools and two METRO stops (Glenmont and Wheaton). It is nestled along a quiet, tree-lined street with an attached one-car garage and a spectacular back yard perfect for playing around or entertaining gue...
During the recent downturn in the real estate market it became commonplace - at least in my little part of the world - for Sellers to kick some money toward the Buyer's closing costs.  So, as it turns out, if the Buyer could scrape together the 3.5% for a down payment (assuming an FHA mortgage), ...
In the last couple of days there have been rumblings about "the bottom" and even a cover story in Newsweek entitled The Recession is Over * (note: the asterisk).  If you watch CNBC at all and you happen to catch a little of it before you tuned in Oprah on Friday you would have heard all manner of...

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