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  Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the holiday season in the United States. Thanksgiving is probably the most widely celebrated American holiday. Most Americans spend Thanksgiving with their families. This is my favorite Holiday.  When everyone spends the day with their family and fri...
This is so good, I wish anyone who is thinking of putting their home on the market would read this.  Would make the Realtors job much easier!!!  Are you flying your plane backward? What you say?  A plane can actually fly backward?  Correct.  Take for example a Piper Cub. Small plane, flies around...
This is truly a very warm and touching video everyone should see it.  Amazing how this lion has bonded with this trainer.  I really enjoyed watching this, Thank you Deborah. THIS WOMAN FOUND THIS LION, INJURED IN THE FOREST, ON THE VERGE OF DEATH. SHE TOOK THE LION HOME WITH HER AND NURSED IT BAC...
This is a great informational newsletter with housing marketing statistics and information for everyone to read and share.  We are in a interesting to say the least, housing marketing which looks like it is going to be even more challenging in 2011.  For those who have figured out how to ajust t...
Amazing numbers from 2000 to present. From everything I have read, home prices will decrease another 8% and the second wave of foreclosures will hit in 2011. Does this mean we are going into a great buyers market, also taking into consideration the very low interest rates or are we really in trou...

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