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                 Crossville, Tennessee - Cumberland County is dedicated to the well-being of its commercial, industrial, and residential citizens. The success and happiness of every man, woman, and child of Cumberland County is essential. From premier medical facilities to great schools, Crossvi...
Relocating to another area is sometimes scary. Especially if you are traveling from one state to another. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is challenging. Leaving everything you know to make a new start is scary but a "good kind of scary"                                                         ...
What if you could:Prevent flu and colds using a herbal productLose weight without dieting, using herbal dietary supplementsCut medical bills Balance your blood pressure with a herbal remedyLower your cholesterolIncrease your longevity                                                               ...
                   CUMBERLAND CAVERNS is one of the most extensive caves known in Tennessee.                                   Aaron Higgenbotham, a surveyor, discovered Higgenbotham Cave in 1810.  Venturing into the cave alone, he was trapped for three days on a high ledge when his torch went ou...
                            Habitat For Humanity believes you can take a dream and create a reality.                                          329 McLarty Lane Crossville TN 38555                                                         Phone Number 931-484-4565In the spring of 1996women of Cumberl...
Crossville, Tennessee is located high atop the Cumberland Plateau. Located east of Knoxville, west of Nashville and south of Chattanooga. With mild climate, 2,000 foot elevation, a low crime rate, vibrant economy and great health cares systems and fine educational programs you can rest assure the...
Home buyers are as unique as the homes they plan to purchase and no two are exactly the same.When pre-owned homes come onto the market they are rarely in perfect condition and most of them have that "lived in look " Both financially and emotionally, your new homes is one of the biggest investment...
If you are looking to relocate to Crossville, Tennesseechances are you have found all the things to do in Crossville for adults. If you have children you know "rainy days" can create havoc when children are cooped up inside unable to enjoy their bike ride or outdoor playhouse. Crossville has some...
Life has certainly gone high tech. We have gone from the VCR to the DVD player, the boom boxes to the Home Theatre Systems with Custom Surround Sound. Our old , no remote, turn the dial television is now considered vintage and along came the Plasma and LCD television. Do you know the difference ?...
Relocating to Crossville, Tennessee gets Mom a day out and a relaxing trip to the Spa ! With several children's programs in Crossville Mom's need not worry about the little ones.  Pack up the diaper bags, load up the children and make way to one of our several A+ rated daycare, church Mom's Day o...

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