brunswick county: Market Activity For Heather Lakes(Little River,SC) - 05/14/09 03:20 AM
Subdivision: Heather Lakes
Location: Little River,SC
 Interested in more info about Little River,SC & Surrounding coastal areas?
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brunswick county: Passion!Passion!Passion!!! - 11/18/07 01:06 PM
I am currently reading a book that is just unbelievable! It talks about the importance of having a love and or passion for what you do in your career and life..It really got me thinking about my why's and what drives me and I keep those things in my mind constantly. I think the only thing that seperates the losers from the winners in business is passion. If you really love what you do you will be successful. Just thought I would share my feelings on that subject thanks for your time reading my blog … (1 comments)

brunswick county: Infrastructure, Its Important Right? - 11/15/07 04:34 AM
Living here in the southeastern coast is a new experience for me as an agent. Originally from the outskirts of Cleveland Ohio I made the move about two and ahalf years ago to continue my career in Real Estate. What a learning curve it has been. The growth here is amazing and future projects will always be on the horizon. One thing that worries me the most is Infrastructure (roads) Seems like they build before they put the roads in or even plan to put them in..Very frustrating. We have a new project that will be starting soon known as Carolina … (1 comments)

brunswick county: Habitat For Humanity & Eagle Team Up To Create Housing For The Needy!! - 11/05/07 04:09 AM
Eagle Realty in North Myrtle Beach has teamed up with Habitat OF Humanity to bring opportunity to everyone involved. A portion of Sales for Eagle Cove a new development in Little River, just outside of North Myrtle Beach South Carolina will be used to create housing for two families in need on the north Grand Strand. Eagle Realty also is giving a great referral to out of state agents to make this happen. This pre-construction project is the best priced in the area @ 149k Great for primary,2nd home / vacation. Just a Great Opportunity. Help us help these families in Need.
We … (0 comments)

brunswick county: Consistency Is Key!! - 02/13/07 12:34 AM
In this business there are a few things that set you apart..One of the most important is consistency..It will make iyouor break you in this business. I see many agents that are so sporatic in this business it makes your head spin.
Then some wonder why their business never gets off the ground..You have to do your business consistently, over and over and have your own systems inplace. If you dont, well you get runover by everyone else. Its that easy. So Get out there and make it happen...Remember Consistency!! 

brunswick county: Higher Activity Here At The Beach - 02/13/07 12:28 AM
Things are picking up here on the eastcoast but buyers seem to be hesitant. Our market here in the Myrtle Beach Market is strong and we continue to grow by leaps on bounds but it seems buyers are still holding out. As the market is right now I believe it to be a buyers market. Prices are down and sellers have hit their bottom. I feel things are turning ever so slightly as I write this blog..Hopefully by spring this market will be very strong and we continue to make a name for ourselves here at the beach.  Thank You all … (0 comments)

brunswick county: Activity In Our Market - 02/01/07 03:40 AM
Activity here on the strand has picked up some giving some of the circumstances. I think 2007 will be another great year here at the beach. Things would be much much better if it wasnt for the insurance hikes seen on the coast lines. Its unfortunate for the insurance increases its really hurting our condo market right now. Hopefully these assessments will be over with in the near future..Everything else looks to be pretty promising here in 2007 … (0 comments)

brunswick county: Awesome Weather at the Beach - 02/01/07 03:35 AM
We are just having a great weather experience here in the southeast..Snow in North Carolina, cold and rainy here in Myrtle Beach..Yuck!!I guess I cant complain to much. We've been pretty spoiled this year for the most part..I guess it can always be worse..I could still be living in Cleveland Ohio ..Fun stuff … (1 comments)

brunswick county: Know What You DO 103 - 01/25/07 12:15 AM
For those of you that have read the previous blog's welcome back!!For the first timers, Welcom! To explain briefly, In know what you do, I write about things that are pretty obvious in this business that seem to be dimissed most of the time.With that said I will continue on this weeks topic. Farming. The word sounds tiring. Ton of work,no instant results.These are just some of the things I've heard out of people's mouths about something I feel lays a solid foundation for yourself. Either it be farming for FSBO'S or the communities in your area, you cant lose. At … (0 comments)

brunswick county: Birdseye View Advantage! - 01/23/07 01:23 AM
Here at Eagle Realty in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina we are very excited about our New and upcoming project, Eagle Cove! I urge everyone to take a look at what we are presenting here. I think this is truely going to be a great opportunity for someone thinking about a second home or investment property. for more info goto Eagle Cove
Please feel free to voice opinions on Eagle Cove, I'd like to know what you think..
Thank You
Gary Urich
Eagle Realty 

brunswick county: Follow Up On Paperless Industry - 01/22/07 07:47 AM
Well I posted a blog last week about how the real estate industry is going paperless..Or so it seems it may..
I told everyone to leave their comments and opinions and that I would follow up on what everyone had to say..For the most part it seems that the paper trails are greater than before, and there is a great mix as too if we should go completely paperless or not..I guess for now only time will tell us that answer..From the input that I had recieved both in emails and posts it seems the feelings are half and half as to … (2 comments)

brunswick county: Its The Small Things - 01/19/07 03:27 AM
Showed a property early this morning, it went very well. Somethings just really amaze me. This potential buyer liked the property but could not stop talking about this piece of paper that bordered the walls in the kitchen.To this buyer it was just the best thing they have ever seen..Even now I just cant stop thinking about how these small, easily changable things in some of these properties have a huge, huge impact on some people..Its shocking to me how you can walk through a place, love it and maybe you have to think about it because you dont like the … (6 comments)

brunswick county: My Week In Review - 01/19/07 02:53 AM
Well it was another great week here at active rain. I have become featured in my ciity as well as county..I've have also passed the 5000 point mark which is a great feat. Also I have posted a blog about "paperless Industry?" which some of you might have seen. If not please check it out..I'd like your opinion on it..I will be doing a summary of all comments in a blog Monday morning so please go by and leave your comments and opinions..Also this week I have learned a great deal from the network as far as networking and knowlege goes … (3 comments)

brunswick county: Consistency - 01/18/07 01:21 PM
One word can almost sum up everything in this business. Consistency. Its all in the numbers, right? I'm sure you've heard that said before. I know that you need to be able to adapt and change fluently in this business and continue to grow on a business level as well as your personal life as well. I think being persistant and consistant are very important factors to being successful.
Leave your opinions on what you think it takes to be successful..

brunswick county: History, Gone - 01/18/07 06:23 AM
The pavillion here in Myrtle Beach is just about gone. For all of you that have been, I'm sure it will be missed by everyone. There is great anticipation as to what will take the pavillions place. For now it is not disclosed and seems to be uncertain for the time being. We hope that something great that will transform downtown Myrtle Beach will be put in its place. By this June the are estimating that this piece of land will be covered with asphalt and grass untill the owners come upon a decision as too what will be of the … (2 comments)

brunswick county: Paperless Industry? - 01/18/07 12:18 AM
Attended our association meeting yesterday and one of the main topics that was discussed briefly was the fact of our industry going paperless. I thought to myself, it would be great, but at the same time is it? Having something in concrete, especially contracts I see never going away. I dont know maybe it will. I will leave this open for comments as far as that goes. I see many problems that would arise but that is not my area of expertise either so I would like to leave this topic open for discussion..
I will review all comments and follow up … (8 comments)

brunswick county: North Myrtle Beach Is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! - 01/17/07 05:47 AM
The people here are awesome..Very nice, laid back..Being from Cleveland Ohio it is alot different than I was acustom to. As far as weather is concerned you cant beat it. No snow!! That makes me happy..Growing up I really never planned on moving to the beach but the move truely was the best thing to ever happen to me. Things ever get cloudy all you have to do is go hear the ocean.Clears your head instantly..
Another thing that is awesome is seeing a city change right in front of you..Just wow! Transition is taking place here constantly. I'm seeing areas change … (1 comments)

brunswick county: Birdseye Advantage - 01/17/07 01:26 AM
Well its another great day here at the beach!! If you are not aware, great things to be excited about here in 2007. Our market has been put to the test and things are about to break here at the beach..I would like to leave this blog open to the community and let me know what you think of our area of Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. Also let me know what info you would like to learn about our area so I know what info I can put together to better educate you as a community..thank you everyone … (0 comments)

brunswick county: Want A Birdseye view? Come get it! - 01/16/07 03:47 PM
      If your an agent outside of SC you might not understand what great things are going on here at the Beach. I think that its important for you to understand that there is opportunity here for you if you would like.People from all over the nation are moving to the Carolinas and for many reasons. That fact given you should consider making a friend in the area and I would like to be that person..Give a call,drop an email, doesnt matter. Lets just create some refferal business. At the least you'll gain priceless knowledge of an area you didnt … (0 comments)

brunswick county: Know What You DO 102 - 01/16/07 03:31 AM
Just for those of you that have not caught my first one of this series, it will be a continued series. So please keep an eye out. With that said, lets continue. For this week I'd like to touch base on something I see as very basic. How about our responding time. Last figure I knew of was 72 hours..Here I'll type that again, 72 HOURS. How do you feel about that number? I know I dont like it. I dont do it. You might not as well. But as awhole thats what we are at.With all of the networking capabilities … (4 comments)

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