A perfect Fall day for a ramble in Historic Sandy UT Some days are pure perfection. I am biased towards Historic Sandy UT. This is where I live. Some days make you glad you are alive; and we have plenty of them. We excel at perfection. A warm day. Fall colors. Leaves shimmering in their individua...
Even a penny whistle is subject to inflation Little treasures unearth themselves in Salt Lake City UT. At times I set my chair to "browse", and in so doing I stumble across wonders designed to provoke my imagination. One such trove is "Edinburgh Castle" in downtown Salt Lake City UT. It is a shop...
Tripping over history in a downtown Salt Lake City UT museum Across the street from Temple Square, Salt Lake City UT is the Museum of Church History and Art. It's half a block north of the Temple Square TRAX (light rail) Station. You can take the Green Line from the Salt Lake International Airpor...
Salt Lake Valley UT wraps itself in Fall colors Fall colors are appearing all over Utah. It's not that it is cold - much. Rather nice in fact. In recent years Fall may not have been all that evident - a slide of summer straight into winter, with nary a pause in between. It is nice to know our cur...
In search of the best smoothie. I admit to being partial to smoothies. It's possible to indulge in those offered by drink establishments such as Orange Julius or Barnes & Noble. All quite substantial, but a little predictable. Local acceptable tastes for the general population. For a greater adve...
Explore Salt Lake City UT - Conference Center roof When in Salt Lake City UT you will probably get to marvel at the Conference Center with its 21,000 capacity without a pillar to block anyone's view. But take time to explore the building's roof. Fountains and streams, pyramid skylights, towers, b...
The world comes to Salt Lake City Utah Twice a year (first weekend April and October) about 100,000 people come to Salt Lake City UT for the General Conferences of the LDS Church. This weekend greeted them with cool mornings, warm Autumn sunshine with the grandeur of snow on the mountains. Yester...
Ever been inspired by a vehicle you've test driven? I'm in love! I have to get one. An off road wheel chair. Swift, silent, all-conquering, tracks, camo coloring, gun rack, go anywhere, rock climbing, fallen timber, all weather, trail, snow or sand. Definitely intimidating. Liberating. A delight ...

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