Ok, so you worked hard and kept a tight grip on your credit so you could close on your dream house. Now that you have, you feel you can loosen that hold some. You got your major purchase so you can let some things slide so you can use that money to redecorate right? Wrong!  There are other ways...
  The unemployment rate has seen some drops over the past year, a larger percentage of houses are reasonably priced, rental prices have increased approximately 10% over the past few years and mortgage rates are just slightly higher than the all-time record lows we’ve seen in recent months.   So w...
CMA stands for competitive or comparative market analysis. It’s basically a generalized look at the local market that can be used by both a buyer and seller.  A buyer can use this report to research what houses are selling for in a specific area and make an offer on a home.  A seller would use th...
    Here are 3 ways you can prequalify homebuyers to maximize earnings 1. Make sure you're talking to the decision-maker It’s a good idea to make sure you are meeting with all parties involved in the buying process. If a buyer is married it would be great to talk to both spouses so you won’t have...

Barbara Puorro

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