best agent: Jack's Saloon, 216 Central Ave, photo op? real bar? Arkansas Traveler - 08/23/14 11:23 AM
A neat old post card.  Post cards must have been easy to have made and could be quite personal.
So what's the deal with this old card.  Was it a real saloon or was this just a place for the Arkansas Traveler to posy up for a picture.  Note the top sign says "Arkansaw Traveler."

The young man posed here appears to be too fancy dressed to be operating a saloon and my eyes are not keen enough to be able to read all the signs.  So I suspect that this was a place where you could stop, pay … (10 comments)

best agent: Letona AR near Searcy Arkansas a long time ago. Three pictures of Letona. - 12/04/13 08:54 PM

What a picture! 
I have been having to drive to Letona weekly to check out a bargain foreclosure property there.  Seeing this picture made me realize the changes that we have all been through.  I think this view would be one that I pass by each time with the road leading to Sidon.  With all that dirt, it would take a while to get there!
The old hotel is still there in Letona.  it sold a few months back.  Here is a picture.

Now that is a modern-day picture.  Let's see it earlier when the railroad ran through town.

best agent: Morris School for boys. Closed now but once very active on Morris School Road in Searcy AR. - 11/07/12 08:32 AM
I don't believe we have talked about Morris School for boys.  It was a Catholic school for boys who were boarded there.  It was located on Morris School Road and had nice buildings and lots of land.  It was probably about 6 miles from town.
The thing that I remember the most about it was the presence of the boys on Saturday afternoon in downtown Searcy.  They were almost like an original "gang."  My kids would see the boys and immediately recognize them as being from the school.  Young girls, my daughter included, looked them over very carefully and may have … (106 comments)

best agent: The Star car. Was this a brand? Just a dealership? Star Cars Moye-Davis Motor Co. Searcy AR - 10/08/12 07:36 AM
This full page ad came from an old cook book that is so worn I can find no date.
Women's Missionary Society Cook Book is at the tops of pages.
Moye-Davis Motor Company was at Searcy AR with Phone 296.
I love the way the description reads,  "ability to climb hills in high gear that most cars crawl up in second......enables it to pull through mud and sand that stall most cars."
But to tell the truth, I've never heard of a Star Car.

This book may even predate some of the Sleuths!

best agent: Closeup photos of the old People's Bank Searcy AR, now First Security Bank. - 07/14/12 08:10 AM
Our newfound blog friend, James Whitlow, who bought the old postcard of People's Bank in Searcy Arkansas from ebay has very thoughtfully sent us scans of the card.  The scans are SO clear.  This bank became First Security Bank and we have had other blogs about it.  Super Sleuth Anita has lots of pictures of her mother, who actually selected the name Security Bank, at this bank.  We have to review. 

Now let's see the close-up scans.


Were those not great closeups!!  James was in town and took a current picture but Activerain got mad … (10 comments)

best agent: That was quite a swat! Tree limb attacks chimney at Searcy AR Market Street house. - 05/17/12 10:26 AM
A drive to work a few days ago was interrupted by this disturbing site.

Heavy winds early in the morning had broken the limb off a tree and the limb had fallen and taken a big swat at the chimney of this beautiful old home on Market Street in Searcy AR.  Sleuths may remember it as the old Methodist Church parsonage.  That is what it was when I first came to town.  I hope they repair the chimney because it stood high and proud and we don't see many chimneys built on new houses anymore.

Tree is now gone.  … (10 comments)

best agent: Where was this house in Searcy AR several years ago? Searcy Sleuths test. - 04/14/12 03:49 AM

Old advertisements for houses left out an item or two in order to get the customer to call and find out where the property was. 
Well, to tell the truth, real estate agents still do it!
This picture comes from an old Powell Realty advertisement and leaves out (guess what) the address!  Powell Realty no longer exists and neither does this house but Searcy Sleuths may remember it.  Having been in the real estate business for so long,  I remember most of them.  This is from a 1984 advertisement booklet.
Test......where was it?  It's a neat old house, isn't it?

best agent: Review of a busy and successful corner in downtown Searcy Arkansas. - 04/08/12 10:16 PM
Here's the way the corner of Spruce and Arch looks today.  Sowell's Furniture has been there for as long as I can remember.  The building is largely unchanged from when another store was located there.

The store before this one was Garner's Ace Hardware.  That must be going back over 40 years?  Thednal Garner was such a popular business owner that he had a radio show called "Sawdust and Sandpaper" which he turned into a book later in his life.  He could do anything and solve any problem.  That was back when the customer received individual attention in businesses.


best agent: Finished! All done. Searcy's mural downtown. Thanks, Harding University. - 04/01/12 11:01 PM

The mural that stretches from Arch Street to Market Street in downtown Searcy is finally finished. (I think, but there may be something planned for the open space in the middle of this black and white and gray one.) Recognize any familiar landmarks in this mural?

This view stretches it out a little further toward the courthouse.

And here are all 8 panels.  They were done by Harding University professors and students and they have done a great job!  Note the top of the courthouse in the background. 
Other blogs about this mural.

best agent: Old Person Furniture building in Searcy AR soon to have a facelift.....just sold..... - 03/19/12 03:40 AM
Paula, my friend who did the photography project for Girl Scouts back in the 40's, photographed what we now call the Person building.  Persons/Quattlebaums have owned it for many years.  It is about a block or two from the court square so it is considered downtown. 
I'm going to depend on my friends from Arkansas to give me more of the history of this building and what the sign above the corner entry door said.  I find it interesting that there were quite a few corner doors.  Was there a reason for that?  This building as you can see, is largely unchanged, … (7 comments)

best agent: More car dealerships in Searcy AR in 1965. - 03/13/12 02:51 AM
Here are two more car dealerships that were active in 1965 in Searcy Arkansas as seen in a 1965 high school yearbook.  Sleuths, do you know who they are and where they were?

And while we are at it, we might as well show this dealership that is slightly out of Searcy but not very far. They advertised New and Used Parts, Car Parts Galore, Lots of Good Used Cars, A Bonanza of Bargains and Wrecker Service.


best agent: Look around. You'll see lots of these little offices, some still used. Old car lots. - 02/21/12 06:05 AM
This little building on Hwy 31 South in Beebe Arkansas stands out as you drive by because it is still labeled as the location for a car lot.  It is showing drastic age blemishes but it sure can bring back memories.

There were lots of these little frame buildings and not just for car lots.  We have one from Noble's Motel in Searcy AR.

Here's another one that lurks along Main Street.

All of these memories made me want to post this old family picture.  Sleuths will identify the people in the photo if they know them.  But … (11 comments)

best agent: Stotts Drug Store, Searcy AR. Was this handsome dude the beginner? - 02/01/12 12:06 PM
For sale right now on ebay!
Photo of Leo Stotts of Stotts Drug Store.

On the back of the picture it says Leo Stotts Hendrix College, Conway Searcy Ark, Stotts Pharmacist.
It is beautifully hand tinted and should hang in Stotts Drug Store if it is one of the original owners of the drug store.
Stotts has been redone within the last two years so that it has its old original look as shown here.  We in Searcy Arkansas appreciate the character that has been preserved by the owners of this drug store.


best agent: I think a sculptor lives here. Bear family on Hwy 36 West near Quitman AR. - 01/16/12 12:07 AM
What a delightful and interesting view from our vehicle!

We were just cruisin' along Hwy 36 West in White County Arkansas between Rosebud and Quitman Arkansas and gazed to the side of the road and found a bear family,  I think they are bears but they may just be critters.  We turned into the driveway and snapped the picture and nothing chased us or begged us for food and no human shot at us.  They appear to be carved from tree trunks or perhaps they have been carved elsewhere and placed on tree trunks.  However they are made, they … (27 comments)

best agent: Another view of Searcy Arkansas's Robbins Sanford building built in 1908. - 01/03/12 08:57 AM
Here's another view of our old Robbins Sanford building which has so much history. I found this while reading the book "The Humorous History of White County Arkansas" by Claude E. Johnson and published in 1975.

This one has an interesting gable looking thing at the top which might be from the other street?  Here's a view from another angle.  Where is the gable?

And here is the view of the old building today.  The corner has a title company occupant and there is a grand hall taking up the other part of the building. What did they do … (8 comments)

best agent: A truck to match my shoes!! How lucky can a girl be? Searcy AR collectibles. - 12/30/11 01:33 PM
I saw the truck and had to turn around and go back for a picture.
It had a for sale sign on it so surely the owner wouldn't mind if I snapped a picture.
My ulterior motive?
It would match my shoes!! 

You don't believe it?
Have a look.

Wouldn't they go well together? I may need some orange socks to make them match a little better.
Now, just a little history about the shoes.  My mother-in-law never threw anything away.  Upon her death, I decided I had to keep these shoes even though they don't fit.  They came … (8 comments)

best agent: What a shame that pictures like these are two for a dollar at our Searcy AR flea market. - 12/27/11 08:36 AM
When grass just grew and no lawn mowers were used?
Actually, you have to go WAY back to remember but I admit that I do remember.

These are such wonderful old pictures that I picked up at a Searcy Arkansas flea market.  It is sad to think that the family just got rid of all the memories of these two little kids with their pets. Were these two boys or one boy and one girl?

best agent: A great Searcy AR Christmas blog. Worn out picture from some Dad's billfold of his beloved children. - 12/22/11 05:45 AM
Sleuths came through and guessed the last picture.  Here's another and I think it is absolutely perfect for a Christmas memory.
The picture is so worn.  And it is probably worn from being in a billfold.  There is a fireplace for Santa. The kids appear to have on robes with one reading from a good book....Bible?
The little girl has a doll.   Sweet!
The little boy looks like a possible mischief-maker to me.
Who are they? 


best agent: My 3 cents worth.....a whine. - 12/10/11 08:19 AM

I received a check for 3 cents from an ebay settlement!
The are pretty demanding, however, and say that I have to cash it before 12/22/2011 or it will be no good. 
It's Christmas time, for Pete's sake, and I'm a busy person. 
I may not get to the bank by then and I'll bet no one will accept this check with a store purchase.
What if I buy a 10 cent coke and try to pay with this check and a few pennies. (Oh, I forgot!  There are no 10 cent cokes anymore.)
I guess I got paid pretty … (17 comments)

best agent: Memories of East Park Avenue near Harding University....soon to be new construction in Searcy AR. - 12/05/11 12:21 PM
Some of you may remember some of the older homes on East Park near Harding University.  I actually do remember some but I had to go to Google to refresh the memories.  Here's the way the street used to look.

Harding is expanding and has eliminated a few of our memories.  I sold this little house once.

I showed this one once AFTER DARK and swore it was ridiculous to show property after dark. It had the neatest side porch that had been added when someone restored the house.

Here's another that is just memory.

And another.

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