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Dear Top Performer: Here are 10 important situations you are facing in your real estate business. In many ways your skill at handling each of these situations will determine how much money you are going to make this year. How would you do in each??? 1. Talking to any person, anytime, anywhere... ...
Economic Notice Due to recent budget cuts and the cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions and the continued decline of the U.S. economy, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off. We apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as we have a better time fram...
Dear World Class Performer:Which of these two approaches best describes what you do in your real estate business?Approach #1 - You get a lead and you do everything in your power to try and convert that lead into an actual deal.Approach #2 - You look for the one's who will and let go and/ or avoid...
Dear Homeowner:THERE IS A SPECIFIC REASON EVERY HOME DOES NOT SELL AND….THAT REASON IS NOT ALWAYS PRICE!!There are many reasons a home doesn’t sell. Sometimes the reason is very obvious, other times not so obvious. Without question price is a very important factor however not the only reason a ho...
Here are the Top 15 Questions For Prospective Sellers1. Do you absolutely have to sell?2. Are you looking to get a certain price for your home?3. What price are you hoping to get? 4. What happens if you cannot get that price?5. Do you understand that no matter where you price your home, Buyers ma...
Dear World Class Performer:Are you allowing yourself to THINK BIG in a market like this?OR......Do you find yourself settling into SURVIVAL MODE?I think it is a very interesting question. Somewhere, somehow I think the herd mentality is taking over and too many agents are getting caught up in the...
Dear World Class Performer:From where I stand it absolutely feels like the real estate community as a whole has bought into the idea that the world has ended. And rightfully so, I might add. As I make my coaching rounds during the week I see many walking wounded mummies stumbling around the vario...
Here are two scripts for sellers.... Offer Negotiation... The home is listed at $1.5mm. The buyer's final offer is $1.3mm. The seller owes $1,000,000. They are resisting taking the offer. Agent: "You have the option right now of having a check in your hand for $300,000 in 30 days OR.... Or you ca...
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Seller: Here are some factors you must consider in making your decision to list your home for sale: 1. I only encourage people who absolutely have to sell to be on the market right now. 2. If you are looking to get a certain price for your home you are going to have a very difficu...

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