hawaii home sellers: FROM CONTRACT TO KEYS....YEAH, BUT NOT BEFORE CLOSING! - 07/16/15 12:07 PM
I have heard of ASKING for an Early Occupancy but not actually SEEN it happen before the close of escrow.....without the agents knowing!  Well, now I have.  In one instance the seller and buyer were residents of the same community complex. In fact, they were really good friends and the buyer decided to put in an offer for the sellers townhouse. Right before closing, the seller's agent discovers that the buyer moved a lot of her furniture in after the seller gave the keys to the buyer!  That was a mess!
IN another case, the buyers somehow found out the seller's email … (22 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Yes, MY Services Surpass Others…and HERE’S Why! - 06/29/14 08:21 AM
Why Do My Services Surpass Others?......
I answer my phone.   At the very least I return a call asap!  Yes, many long distance numbers are telemarketers trying to sell me something, but I do call back and say, “I just missed a call from this number”.  Half the time it’s a person looking for a rental, someone trying to sell me the “FIRST PAGE ON GOOGLE”. 
Bottom line, if I didn’t answer the phone that one special time I would not have had that listing. In fact, I had to beat out another agent for that listing and the seller … (3 comments)

hawaii home sellers: BE REALISTIC With Your Listing and Offering Prices!!! - 11/10/13 03:56 AM
While inventory is slim pickings in Mililani Town, Ewa, Kapolei or ANY market on Oahu, there are multiple offers being had by every listing. The silliness is that the listing agents who are suggesting price ranges for any one property may be listing with prices in the norm of a slowly rising market, but then there are buyer’s agents who are suggesting to their buyers to put in offers 30k or more so that their contracts are accepted.
We’re seeing this scenario with many VA buyers who have no money down … (35 comments)

hawaii home sellers: What WE Need From Our Clients - 09/07/13 02:50 AM
We all know what our home sellers and buyers usually want.  A garage, BIG rooms but want to pay low end prices, big yard, single family home at townhouse prices and and and…WHAT ABOUT WHAT WE NEED FROM OUR CLIENTS?
This is by far a comprehensive list of what we, as real estate industry professionals NEED from our clients:
1)    Complete honesty. Trying to hide the fact that you (seller) had a leak in the upstairs bathroom of a home built in the 1960’s.  Just because it was fixed does not exclude you from adding it to your Seller’s Real Property … (22 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Killer Negotiating in a SELLER’S Market????? - 08/13/12 02:09 AM
A thought to all home buyers:
Okay, so now the inventory of homes are at an all time low, and we’re looking at a 4 month inventory of homes ..possibly 3. And this is the time that you want to offer a lowball price on a property that you KNOW will have multiple offers.  WRONG!
The BELOW than “normal” interest rates to date have made history. THAT IS A FACT.  Lower prices and lower interest rates meant lower monthly mortgage payments.  Those that do not have all cash down have to rely on making ends meet with a … (23 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Who's Been Sleeping in YOUR Bed? - 02/17/11 12:24 PM
A seller would most definitely want the best representation in selling their home, right? How's about having wonderful pictures on the internet for all to see?  It has to be displayed on www.realtor.com and our local www.hicentral.com site for all the public to see as well as any other sites that we can add that listing to.
I came across a complex and property that I knew my client would be interested in. It had the number of bedrooms, baths,  parking stalls and ammenities to accommodate the lifestyle of this client and I just knew that it could be that ‘dream home … (87 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Should Buyer and Seller Agents BOTH Present an Offer to the Seller? - 01/21/11 04:03 AM
Some buyer's agents request that the seller's agent ask the seller if they can be physically there to meet with the seller when presenting their buyer's offer.  We think in the best interests of our clients and want to do everything for them in the negotiating process, right?  There are two sides to everything and I've been contemplating both those sides.
Pro's of the Buyer's Agent presenting their buyer's offer to the seller with the seller's agent:
Negotiate for the buyer in price (meet halfway?) Negotiate for the buyer for closing costs (VA loan and no money down) Negotiate for the buyer in terms (i.e. contingent on home for sale) … (56 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Crucial Pricing and Creative Planning for an Up and Down Oahu Housing Market - 07/05/10 02:53 PM
I don't know about other markets, but it's been quite the chore in some Oahu neighborhoods to determine pricing for the sale of the property. It's been just as hard for an appraiser to get a grip on some neighborhood markets as well.....in our Up and Down Oahu Housing Market.
For most of the listings I've had this year,  I've literally had to beat our MLS to death for comparable properties as some of the short sales and foreclosures have closed; yet our market wants to recover as well.  It's been mind boggling to present to the seller an approximate in … (19 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Honolulu Real Estate | Home Sales Market Report For August 2009 | In Memory of Harvey Shapiro - 09/09/09 07:29 AM
Honolulu County Real Estate Market Report
August 2009  
**Dedicated in memory of Harry Shapiro, research economist for the Honolulu Board of REALTORS®, who passed away on Saturday, September 5, 2009**
Honolulu County Housing Market Statistics for August 2009  definitely shows activity. Our market is stabilizing and we do hope that we just may have bottomed out.
In the  our sales numbers for single family homes showed an increase from 225 in May to 254 in June. Now for July we have had 265 sales and the Median Sales price rose from $569,000 in June to $595,000 in July. For August we … (6 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Brain Teasers for Real Estate Professionals - 08/18/09 08:56 AM
Being in the Real Estate Industry has been an interesting road to say the least. We cross paths with MANY different personalities with clients and other professionals that we work with along the way during just one transaction. Other agents, loan officers, escrow officers (some deal with attorneys), home inspectors, surveyors and the list may go on and on depending on what kind of transaction it is.
Just ‘getting by' is not going to cut it in this industry and a true professional makes sure that they get into every detail, nook and cranny in every transaction.  A good Realtor®, Realtor-Associate® … (34 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Honolulu County Real Estate | YTD Condo Market Report for Period Ending June 30, 2009 - 07/03/09 07:22 AM
Honolulu County Real Estate  Numbers Are Out! 

Condo/Townhouse Resale Numbers:  The Year to Date sales numbers for condos/townhouse significantly decreased since 2008 for the same YTD time period. A -778 decrease in number sales for the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) or -36.1% drop. 

Condo Average Sales Prices:  The Year to Date sales prices shows a decrease from 2008 sales prices for the same YTD time period. An -11.9% drop in sales prices for the island of Oahu (Honolulu County). 

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman is a Realtor-Associate with Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Hawaii. With a sharp understanding that a listening ear … (7 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Honolulu County Real Estate | YTD Single Family Home Market Report for Period Ending June 30, 2009 - 07/03/09 06:32 AM
Honolulu County Real Estate  Numbers Are Out! 

Single Family Home Resales Numbers:  The Year to Date sales numbers are starting to climb and are just under the 2008 sales numbers for the same YTD time period. A -306 decrease in number sales for the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) or -21.7% drop. 

Single Family Home Average Sales Prices:  The Year to Date sales prices shows a decrease from 2008 sales prices for the same YTD time period. A significant -14.9% drop in sales prices for the island of Oahu (Honolulu County). 

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman is a Realtor-Associate with … (9 comments)

hawaii home sellers: A Step in the RIGHT Direction - 02/02/09 03:28 PM

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Not necessarily so say I. Each individul has their own perception on how to run their business or how they conduct themselves in the Real Estate Industry arena.
I held an Open House on "Super Saturday" (the day before Super Sunday Superbowl) for a current listing. The turnout was great! And the first ones to view the home were two Realtors® who claimed that they had a buyer flying in shortly and that they were going to bring the buyer back in a hour or so. Never did show back … (41 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Honolulu County Real Estate | Oahu Housing Market October 2008 - 11/07/08 05:41 AM
Yes, we all are experiencing some difficult times as the rest of the nation but you, the buyer, need to be informed properly so when you are looking to purchase that Home in Hawaii you will know that KILLER NEGOTIATING WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOSE THE HOME YOU LOVE! 
In Killer Negotiating & Losing the Hawaii Home You Love!  I started with how our market differs locally and not nationally. The media has depicted a dreary look for the NATION...not for every market and especially different neighborhoods. But Hawaii has prevailed with only a small portion of subprime loans during the booming months. It was … (23 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Are You REALLY Thinking in the Best Interests of YOUR BUYER??? - 10/29/08 07:18 AM
When there are agents that are NOT thinking in the best interests of their clients and make decisions for them or steer them in the wrong direction, I really question what their agenda is. I represent both buyers or sellers and have been keeping my head above water because I question what I don't know and actually put myself in other people's shoes before flapping my lips.
Over the last week (amongst getting over strep throat) I have had a few instances where I just can't figure how these agents believe they are thinking in the best interests of their buyer let alone this industry.
1)  Ringy … (64 comments)

hawaii home sellers: Hawaii Real Estate - Permits, Licensed Contractors, Lenders and MORE! - 07/18/08 02:38 PM
Whenever a transaction closes where I represented the Hawaii Home Buyer I make sure and let them know that whenever they decide to do anything to the home (i.e. addition, electrical, plumbing, walls and so forth) to make sure they have licensed contractors doing the job!
Because when you try and sell your home later on you don't want problems arising!
(EDIT):  As one example:   With VA loans they are particularly strict about additions with no permits and major electrical work done by Joe the Handyman.
They are meticulous when appraising the home and look at EVERYTHING in and out of the … (30 comments)

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