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  Yup. It's true... The Radio Silence was because I'm moving from NYC... Do you have any idea how long it takes to bubble-wrap 19 years of living in the same NYC apartment? If I were not an artist there wouldn't be issues (LOL). I've gotta get 43 paintings in storage, make arrangements for their ...
    Grand Piano... Not a Baby Grand. My bad (LOL) My gal pal Erica has this really cool Grand Piano. It is in her dining room and it is 5 feet 10 inches. She is a classical pianist and we have been hanging out and chattering for a couple of days. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to go back to New York ...
Started volume two. Volume one was uploaded with 19 author tribute tracks... I get the don't go past 78 minutes mandate from Amazon so we have to split the project up into multiple volumes because it's just too much fun creating noise (LOL). Working on something cool to spoof on Kim Harrison and...
   Tann Starr - Book Club Blues - Lynn Rush YouTube: Wasteland     Third day in Maryland: 4 photo-shoots, 3,835 animated frames later and we are still instant chatting and howling with laughter over my Druid Cemetery graveyard shoot for author Lynn Rush. Cooking up something fun for author Kim H...
    The fun thing about having a mobile studio touring set-up is the fact that you can work just about anywhere... Yesterday I was supposed to do Book Club with my bookies, then take my gear into the studio and master two musical tracks. Instead, I was sitting on the coffee bar stool in Starbuck...
     Biking, Lace Undies, Jaye Fabulous and Sex Writing Strumpets... Yeah, I'm having a great day. Hubby joined a new gym. It is $10 dollars a month. I'm thinking that sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun because it's close to the FL house and I've been resisting his efforts at buying me a ...
  @LynnRush On-line Release Party: "Wasteland" LIVE 12-8PM Chicago time 9/6/2011 HOSTED BY BITTEN BY BOOKS Lynn Rush on Amazon Lynn Rush's Blog   We all know that I pre-order-purchased Lynn's paperback on Amazon.com on August 18th and promptly blogged about her and Vicki Pettersson... Well TODAY...
Just reading and answering some e-mail in public... I go off-line for two days and come back to 2,055 unread e-mails in one account. I have not opened the other seven yet (sigh). Looks like I am going to spend the afternoon just reading and answering some e-mail in public... Book Club will be of...
  Caffeine, Chocolate and Prayers for Robyn "Rob" Thurman Savoring a good author happens to be one of my guilty pleasures I am unrepentant about, sort of like my fettish for outstanding caffeine and heavenly chocolates. I flaunt my fave people, places and things (especially foodie paradise spots...
Had a blast with Steve Shatsky yesterday. On Skype plotting with Hubby about my Dallas TX trip (evil grin) I have to figure out my next set of business appearances and get back to family life. I miss the singular tenacity of my five year old to pry toys out of me with his incessant chatter of "m...

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