Sometimes before closing a buyer starts to feel ownership of the home.  Let me make it clear.  UNTIL the home is Signed, Funded and RECORDED you, the BUYER do not own it.  If you want to fix something you need to get the SELLERS premission!   You also should not be on the property without permission.  With a HUD deal especially the BUYER and the AGENT signs a document stating that they will do no repairs or improvements to the property.  They will not go on the property without a REALTOR. 
UNTIL the deal is FULLY CLOSED the buyer is considered … (2 comments)

close: The right lender is important! - 02/02/14 11:00 PM
I sell many homes a year.  Many of them are financed.   There are a lot of good lenders out there.  There are also lenders that are not so good.   
I recommend one lender in particular because if she is involved I know exactly how the deal is going to go.  I know that if she tells me that the deal is fund-able, it is.   She takes the time to make sure my client understands the process.  
I know my lender, Dona Jeka,, is not unique.  I know there are other great lenders in the Treasure Valley.  I have even … (1 comments)

close: The domino effect - 01/29/14 07:33 AM
In our business sometimes one thing going wrong can make other deals fall.
We don't like sales that are contingent on other sales.  We advise our sellers against them.  So we let the sale be contingent on funding.   The unspoken fact may be that the buyer might not qualify for the new loan as long as he has the old loan.  So the contract falls because another sale did not go though.  I have heard of quite a number of deals falling due to one deal not closing.  Technically the sale is not contingent on the sale of the home … (6 comments)

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