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Yesterday I blogged about my blog project Cans 4 Comments.  When I began I was going to do this for 24 hours, I'm getting a good responce so I'm going to extend it until Noon on Saturday, March 14th.  There is a food drive, Operation Feed, going on in my area to benefit the Mid Ohio food Bank.  I...
Marion ACT is in the midst of Operation Feed, a food drive to benefit the Mid Ohio Food Bank.  There are several ways to donate, which are outlined on their website www.marionact.org  I have already made my personal contribution and am asking for your assistance to make another. For every comment...
Last week I discussed a form that I advise all my prospective buyers on-you remember, the one about getting a home inspection.  One of the other forms that I advise my buyers on is also published by HUD that briefly discusses radon.  If I had known I would have written this in January, as it was ...
Sunday March 1st, 2009 600 Summit St. Marion, Ohio 1-3 p.m.  
I have a hypothetical story to share with you this evening, it is about a couple by the name of Smith.  The Smith's are first time home buyers preparing to buy the home of their dreams.  Theyfound a home in the local newspaper and saw there was going to be an open house on Sunday afternoon.  The ...
I realize it is still a bit early to be thinking about planting the garden, gassing up the lawn mower or sort out the summer wardrobe, but it is time to begin planning to buy a home by spring.  A real estate transaction typically takes thirty days to close, assuming everything goes smoothly.  Thi...
There is a very educational article on the Marion Star's website today from Marion City Health Department about mold, the Realtor's enemy.  With the number of vacant properties on the market it is only appropriate that the number of properties with mold increasing.  Since mold must be disclosed i...
Many people don't realize that there is a difference in being pre-qualified and pre-approved, as either a buyer or seller it is very important to know the difference.  When you first call a lender you give them your information (credit score, employment, assets, debts, etc.) and they plug in the ...

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