How can YOUR $25k become $180k? Learn how to LEVERAGE YOUR MONEY using either your OLD 401k; a Self-Directed IRA and/or a Managed Account! "BE THE BANK"!! INVESTORS Call: 307.222.6009

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Learn how to "BE THE BANK" and turn $25k into $180k LEVERAGE YOUR MONEY using either Cash, your OLD 401k; a Self-Directed IRA and/or a Managed Account. Find out how to "BE THE BANK" for YOUR OWN Projects and/or other Projects! INVESTORS can call direct at: 307.222.6009 or - Attend this Conference Call to find out how: - Check out: Clicky.Buzz and/or to learn how to "BE THE BANK" by using either an OLD 401k, Self-Directed IRA; a Managed Account! iClicky - Do YOU?! Skype: vipdreamjob Verifiable PAYMASTER Accounts; Sub-Accounts, Same Day Closings, SWIFTS, Bank Guarantees, MT 760 ClickyBuzz and Private Financial Club: THE CONNECTIONS YOU CRAVE!



PRIVATE FINANCIAL CLUB, INC.'s SOLUTION TO THE LENDING CRASH!READ AND STUDY BELOW:Sample "Be the Bank" Scenario:Let's say that "Joe" wants to purchase an investment property to rehab. He would also like to include the rehab money into the loan for a 50% - 65% loan based on the ARV (after repair v...
Hi ALL! We specialize in HARD MONEY LOANS for our Property Investors (other loan scenarios may apply too). Most of our Property Investors are rehabbers. Any loan size will be considered and typically, we loan up to 70% ARV (after repair value) including closing costs. Our financial structure is u...

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How can YOUR 25k become 180k?
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