attorney: When a little thing becomes a big thing - Listing Agent Beware!! - 02/21/09 05:35 AM
Under contract law in most states,  real estate litigation cases can be filed in the county that the property is located or where the contract was negotiated.  This may not seem important for a real estate agent to think about but consider this.
On the purchase contract,  there is typically a blank line for the agent to fill in where the agent was when the contracat was written.  The reason for this blank is to determine jurisdicaiton for litigation purposes.  In the past this wasn't a problem since since MLS systems were pretty local and the Internet did not allow outside … (5 comments)

attorney: It is time for legal reform!! - 11/24/08 04:52 AM
Lawyers and frivilous lawsuits are killing real estate and in many way, the entire economy of the US.  As an expert witness,  I see abuse every time I look at a suit.  In a real estate case,  it is not uncommon to have 6 or more attorneys on the same case,  no matter how small.  On a "bad house" case, the Seller,  Buyer,  Seller's agent and Buyer's agent all have attorneys.  Then,  you bring in the inspectors;  home,  pest;  roof; etc, etc.  Sometimes,  the title company and lender are named.  It becomes a circus. The worst part is that even if … (1 comments)

attorney: Bad Agent Horror Stories - Tell me yours - 09/17/08 10:54 AM
I am writing a book on how to keep from being ripped off by bad agents.  As I go through each potential problem,  I would like to give them a real life example of how to avoid the problem.  Some will be rather innocent like agents who buy listings by lying to the seller about the property value.  Or the part time agent who will never return phone calls except after hours or weekends.  Others will be actually horror stories where the buyer buys Lemon and winds up in a the buyer whose house was full of mold,  and it … (1 comments)

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