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Local Golf Courses Enhance the Real Estate Market of Oxnard, California. One hallmark of a desirable community is the sports attraction of a good golf course. The RiverRidge Golf course is a great municipal course located in the north-western section of the Oxnard, California community. One very ...
Out and About and Living in Ventura County ~ The 18th Annual Casa Pacifica Wine and Food Festival 2011It is almost time for the award winning and premier food and wine event of Ventura County, the Casa Pacifica Angels Wine and Food Festival on Sunday, June 5, 2011 from 1 PM - 5 PM. This year's ve...
Back to the Way We Were     A recent multi-generational study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C., showed that multi-generational living has been  rising over the past ten years.     Although your house may have been home to a traditional family of a mom, dad and two kids, perh...
The Flowering of Ventura County Not only is  Ventura County blessed with a great climate, but we are also home to many fruit, vegetable and flower gardens. The soil in the Oxnard plain has long been praised as a premier growing medium. With so much flora abundance around us, it no wonder that a l...
Does anyone care about the tenants anymore? Yes, my client does.... There have been many horror stories about tenants who make it extremely difficult to make appointments to view a home; who do not keep the home tidy; who do not tell the truth about anything that might speed the sale of the house...
A Treat tonight for Military Personnel~ Military Appreciation NightIn Ventura County, all active military personnel and those who have served honorably are invited with their immediate family to a local Chick-fil-A restaurant for a free meal on Wednesday, 5/25/11.There will be family-friendly act...
Advertise the Office If you Have One According to several different surveys, future homeowners will be looking to buy homes that are either closer to work or they want to work from home. The high cost of gasoline and long commute times are two reasons fueling this change. The 'closer to work' gro...
California DRE Comes Down on False Experts   The California Department  of Real Estate has warned  consumers about the noticeable and rapid increase of the use of 'expert designations' by questionable people in real estate. Such terms as 'expert,' 'certified,' or 'specialist' has been noted in th...
Worms are OK!Really they are. If you have worms in your soil ~ that is a good thing. It means your soil (don't say dirt) is getting aerated and enhanced by worm poop (only they call it worm castings).Yeah so, if you buy soil amendments and it says on the package that it contains worm castings ~ w...
When to have the Birds and the Bees TalkIf you think I'm talking about the talk with your ten year old, please multiply that by 5, 6 or 7.Yes, I am talking about the Facts of Life  for your aging parent, close relative or even your neighbor.We are all aware of the Aging of America and as real est...

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