pool house: BACKYARD HOME aka ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU) - 02/11/20 08:08 AM
BACKYARD HOME aka ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU)Six new ADU laws were enacted on January 1, 2020. On Saturday February 22nd from 12-5 Senator Bob Wieckowski, the architect behind the ADU movement will be in San Diego to discuss these new laws in detail. All property/homeowners now have the right to realize additional opportunities on the dirt they own beneath their feet.
 If you've been thinking about adding a BACKYARD HOME to your property you won't want to miss this event. In addition to Senator Wieckowski, Greg Nickless, Senior Housing Analyst with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) will be … (6 comments)

pool house: Be Careful! Not all Manufactured Home Dealers are looking out for you - 11/20/19 09:25 PM
Be Careful!
Not all Manufactured Home Dealers
are looking out for you
Yes, It's true! the BACKYARD HOME Phenom is real and spreading like a wind fanned fire and Manufactured Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are no doubt rolling down the road to a backyard near you.
While a BACKYARD HOME can come in all shapes and sizes one of the most popular and affordable choices by far is the "off-site" aka "Factory Built" or "Manufactured" option. But they come with a certain
Cavaet Emptor. 
In this gold rush of a very heated and exciting cottage industry, quickly becoming a major growth industry, many entrepreneurs, opportunists and fast talking, high … (20 comments)

pool house: San Diego Real Estate Broker Specializes In BACKYARD HOME Properties - 06/22/19 05:16 PM
San Diego Real Estate Broker
Granny flat? Backyard Home? Garage Apartment? Pool Cabana? Would you like to find a property that already has an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) aka GRANNY FLAT on it? Or are  you looking for a property you could build one on?
Well, look no further. There is now a San Diego based real estate broker that can peel back all the layers on the onion in one felt swoop. TAG Real Estate Sales & Investments, also a licensed General & Manufactured Home Contractor, Manufactured Home Dealer, Developer, Property Management and Investment company headquartered in Leucadia and Vista. TAG … (6 comments)

pool house: ADU Forum & Panel Discussion. Are ADU's for You - 05/13/19 11:38 AM
ADU Forum & Panel Discussion.
Are ADU's for You?
Join us for what may be the most important event for San Diegans yet. Learn straight from the sources about the existing legislation that was enacted in January, 2017 and as many as nine new laws slated to be enacted this year. It's not if but when all the jurisdictions in the State of California will have to comply by introducing their own ADU ordinances that will have to comply with the State Mandate or face costly and time consuming lawsuits at taxpayer expense.
REGISTER TODAY as seating is limited
and we anticipate a … (9 comments)

pool house: Accessory Dwelling Units Are Not A Back It In and Hook It Up procedure - 05/12/19 08:24 AM
Accessory Dwelling Units Are Not A
Back It Up and Plug It In procedure
Accessory Dwelling Units Are Not A Back It Up and Plug It In Procedure. Inexpensive? Fast? Easy? In a word, NO! Adding a 500sf BACKYARD HOME to your property can be
every bit as complicated, time consuming and costly, relatively speaking, as building a 5000sf home. 
Smaller is not always cheaper in construction. Contractors, as in almost any business, have to deal with economies of scale.
How much time will it take a contractor to wallow through the permit process for a 500sf ADU? Probably just about as long … (12 comments)

pool house: BACKYARD HOME anyone? - 03/10/19 04:05 PM
                            BACKYARD HOME anyone? The city of Encinitas continues to lead the field when it comes to embracing and implementing the latest California laws on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). It's been somewhat of a challenge for most of the San Diego Jurisdictions to come to terms with. However, Encinitas has gone far beyond the pale.
They have actually launched what they proudly call their PRADU Program and waived all their permits including the grading permit. Additionally, there will be no school fees for any ADU under 500sf. This greatly reduces the … (6 comments)

pool house: CREST 'BACKYARD' HOMES. Alive And Well In 2019! - 01/04/19 05:10 PM
Alive And Well In 2019! 
Happy New Year Everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Years Eve. Now it's time to hit the ground running. I always look forward to the new year and love a fresh start and all the new and exiting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
We've come a long way in the 'BACKYARD' HOME biz since 2016 when the Senate and Assembly Bills were first passed in  Cali.;  Albeit we've been in the Small Home Biz for over three decades. Small home construction be it ground up design build or factory built is our forte. We are … (17 comments)

pool house: Crest Backyard Homes ADU's Silvercrest Home Factory Tour A Success! - 06/16/18 10:56 AM
Crest Backyard Homes &
Silvercrest ADU Factory Tour A Success!
For folks who are contemplating the possibility of adding a BACKYARD HOME aka Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to their property don't overlook what you can do with a Manufactured ADU. 
On Saturday, June 9th, CREST BACKYARD HOMES & Silvercrest Manufactured Homes & ADU's co-hosted a very informative factory tour at the Silvercrest Manufactured Home & ADU factory in Corona, Calif. for folks from the San Diego area. 
The Silvercrest factory rep and tour guide, Michael Schmid, led the tour and answered every question that was asked thereby dispelling all of the age old misnomers about the … (3 comments)

pool house: Backyard Homes Literally On A Roll In Leucadia - 04/29/18 12:37 PM
Backyard Homes Literally On A Roll In Leucadia
  LEUCADIA CASITA: 12x36 (432sf) 1 bedroom, 1 bath
Backyard home, Granny Flat, Casita, Pool Cabana, Accessory Dwelling Unit, ADU? Call them what you will but they're starting to roll into Encinitas. In early May CREST BACKYARD HOMES will be installing the very first Manufactured ADU off the Silvercrest assembly line. It will make its way down the I-15 from Corona and navigate to its final resting place in a quaint little beachside manufactured home community in Leucadia.
The "LEUCADIA CASITA" ranges from $65,000-$95,000 depending on your appitite for size, upgrades, extras and customizations. They can be completely maxed out at the Silvercrest factory. Or you may order them "bare bones" and install your own floor, wall and window coverings, counter … (2 comments)

pool house: Could Be Good Times For Established & licensed General Contractors - 03/25/18 04:39 PM
Could Be Good Times For Established & licensed   General Contractors
I'm reminded of the '90s. Business is boomin! Everyone that is able is working. Real Estate has gained back all its losses from the deep dive of '08 and is launching into the stratosphere of supply side economics:
"Supply-side economics is the theory that says increased production drives economic growth. The factors of production are capital, labor,entrepreneurship and LAND."
What got my attention is the 'lAND'. However, San Diego, according to some experts, is anywhere from 75-90% built out. So where's the LAND in San Diego?
With the ever decreasing footprint of available land it's now all about rebuilding, room additions and infills for contractors and … (18 comments)

pool house: Encinitas Waives $3000 In Fees To Encourage Backyard Home Development - 02/20/18 09:56 AM
Encinitas Waives $3000 In Fees
To Encourage Backyard Home Development
It's taken a lot of  time, effort and tight fist-ed negotiating between the Encinitas City Council, the planning commission and the diplomatic and patient gavel of Mayor Catherine Blakespear, however, the time has finally arrived. Encinitas and its 4 burroughs, Leucadia, Cardiff, Cardiff By The Sea and Olivenhain, can now move forward with a streamlined and affordably priced permit process for adding a Backyard Home to a homeowner's property.
Additionally, the planning and building departments are in the process of diligently reviewing and considering several architectural designs, floor plans and construction methodologies for fast track pre-approval which will further … (14 comments)

pool house: San Diego Jurisdictions Embrace Backyard Home (ADU) Ordinances - 02/09/18 09:26 AM
San Diego Jurisdictions Embrace
Backyard Home (ADU) Ordinances
It's been a challenge met with mild to strong resistance, however, many if not most San Diego Jurisdictions, including the County, are coming to grips with California's newest laws on "Backyard Home" aka "Accessory Dwelling Unit" (ADU) ordinances.
While some jurisdictions are still resisting or not embracing the new law in its entirety, there are others like the City of Encinitas who are leading the field with proactive and streamlined permit processing requirements and costs; Possibly even fee waivers.
In fact they are even considering fast tracking pre approved plans that meet their criteria in order to … (11 comments)

pool house: Crest Backyard Homes ADU's On A Roll In North San Diego Coastal Area. - 01/08/18 08:44 AM
Crest Backyard Home's ADU's On A Roll
In North San Diego Coastal Area.
See what 'Crest Backyard Homes' of Leucadia, CA has been doing with Accessory Dwelling Units aka ADU's in this quaint surf town on the North San Diego Coast for decades.
Are you a property/homeowner looking for an extra income stream on the very dirt you're standing on? Do you need some private and secluded space for an adult child to live in while attending college, starting a career or raising a young family? Do you want an environment where all residents sharing the property have a sense of seclusion and independence?  Or perhaps a backyard home … (4 comments)

pool house: Something To Ponder On Whence Visiting With Family During The Holidays - 11/22/17 12:21 PM
Something To Ponder On Whence
Visiting With Family During The Holidays
As a 72 year young SEASONED CITIZEN this is a topic I've been pondering for the past several decades. It will be interesting to see where this all ends up moving forward. No doubt, San Diego, like so many other  destination
Retirement zones throughout the Country, will be put to the test trying to figure out how to deal with housing their growing share of 80 million Baby Boomers in the next 20+ years.
This drives my point even further home (pun intended) for the need and timeliness to consider a BACKYARD HOME aka Accessory … (0 comments)

pool house: Please Join Us For The 2017 San Diego County ADU Status Conference - 10/10/17 01:12 AM
Please Join Us For The 2017 San DiegoCounty ADU Status Conference We would like to invite any/all ACTIVE RAIN members in the Southern California area or those from other States who might be visiting to participate in this event.    E-E-Easing into ADUs: Engage! Educate! Empower! Whether you call them granny flats, second units, in-law suites, or carriage houses, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a promising pathway toward meeting San Diego County's housing and livability goals. Register today to learn about recent state legislation that gives California cities more flexibility and latitude for allowing homeowners to build ADUs: SB 1069 (Wieckowski), AB 2299 (Bloom), AB 2406 (Thurmond), SB 229 (Wieckowski), and AB 494 (Bloom). … (2 comments)

pool house: Please Join Our GRANNY FLAT aka ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU) Seminar - 08/16/17 04:39 PM
Please Join Our
Panel Discussion
Please add your name to the interest list if you would like to attend a limited seating panel discussion regarding the addition of a 'GRANNY FLAT' aka 'ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT' (ADU) on your property. 
We are receiving numerous phone calls and emails from folks throughout the North San Diego County area regarding Senate Bill 1069 and Assembly Bills 2299 & 2406 regarding this very important State Law enacted in January, 2017. 
The seminar is planned for late October. It's purpose is to better explain and discuss this new State Law and how to properly, legally, economically and logistically go through the process … (7 comments)

pool house: The Difference Between An "RV", "Park Model" & "HUD Manufactured Home" - 08/10/17 02:01 PM
The Difference
Between An
"RV", "Park Model", 
"HUD Manufactured Home"
Having expanded into the "Accessory Dwelling Unit" ("ADU") aka 'GRANNY FLAT',  design, build & consulting business we've received many inquiries regarding the placement of an RV or a Park Model on ones private property/home with the intention of using it as an ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADA) aka 'GRANNY FLAT'. The simple answer? In a word,   NO!
 To set the record straight I would like to clarify often touted, if not outright, mis represented,  even fallacious  MISNOMERS regarding this subject. 
There seems to be some confusion in the Real Estate & lending Industry about the various definitions and distinctions between the "RECREATION VEHICLE" … (12 comments)

pool house: What Are Your Thoughts On The "Tiny House" Movement As A Homeowner? - 12/03/16 09:46 AM
What Are Your Thoughts On The "Tiny House" Movement As A Homeowner?  As a Manufactured Housing Specialist, general contractor and real estate broker and developer I look at the Tiny House movement as a positive step in housing overall in specific segments i.e. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) aka "Granny Flats", etc. 
There is a need for housing an aging and downsizing "Baby Boom" population as well as a young and fledgling "Millennial"population that has been far removed from home ownership to a great extent.
I'm not referring to the under 100sf "Tiny House On Wheels"movement. I think that niche has a rocky road ahead for a … (15 comments)


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