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Punctual Payment Program: A Worry Free FHA Loan Reimbursement Here is another option to FHA Alternatives to Down Payment Assistance programs that went away.  I wrote a blog last week talking about the alternatives here   What is the Punctual Payment Program? The Punctual Payment Program in a nuts...
  The Media Needs A Back To The Future Reality Check Lets compare the Great Depression to the present Unemployment 25% were unemployed in the United States 60 yrs ago Only 4-6% is the current unemployment rate Banks in serious trouble 1 in 3 Banks were in serious trouble in the great depression ...
Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2008 Changes Recently, in VA Circular 26-08-19, the Veterans Administration (VA) announced several changes regarding loan guaranty provisions.  President Bush Officially signed over the changes this month October 2008. Major Improvements to the VA Program are...
  The Bad News…DAPS Going Away The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 eliminates seller-funded down payment assistance programs (DAPs) as an acceptable source of funds for FHA loans for all lenders. Officially, the Act eliminates seller-funded DAPs on FHA loans with final credit approval ...
    Today: October 15th 2008 Information:  Blog Action Day 2008 on Poverty --> http://blogactionday.org/ Purpose:  This historical day represents the online movement throughout the world to promote awareness and particpation in fighting against poverty.  Bloggers unite to promote thier influence ...
Here is a great post here showing that History tends to repeat itself and that the market will always correct itself. Folks we have to ride out the storm, there is a silver lining out there in the cloud, this is nothing new and the media is making our economy into a circus.  1987: The market drop...

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