seo: Get On Google's First Page - 05/21/11 02:12 PM
Well this past week has been great! One of our accomplishments was a joint alliance with an individual who specializes in seo and seo marketing. Now when I say specializes - I mean she is unbelieveable. OK so what right?
Here is the deal: if you would love for your site to be on the first page of Google (and that means lots, and lots, and lots of traffic), well we can now get that done for you! Without a doubt we can put you on the first page results. Here's the catch: it costs money, it takes a bit of … (2 comments)

seo: Fooling Google - 05/07/11 04:41 PM
I just finished reading an interesting book on search engine optimization. The book, Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business was authored by Evan Bailyn, the books publisher is Que Publishing. There is a reason I not only recommend the book - and that is; it is totally different than any other SEO book I have read (and I have read dozens).
Mr. Bailyn argues with reason that most of what we know about SEO and Google is, well . . . not that accurate. He claims that Google has a proprietary algorithm not known by very many people and … (4 comments)

seo: Too Much Stuff . . . - 04/23/11 02:57 PM
When we speak with potential home buyers and ask them what they like and dislike about Realtor websites, without hesitation the number one dislike is: too much stuff. When we drill down a bit further, they all seem to point to the fact that most Realtor sites have way too much garbage on them. So we began a little campaign of our own to aleviate this problem. We began ripping apart some agents' websites, cleaning them up and taking all of the information that they said thy had to have and put all of it into one link or subdomain to … (4 comments)

seo: Secrets Unveiled . . . getting found - 04/23/11 02:38 PM
Search engine optimization is often cloaked in mystery. Partially for good reasons -- it is a bit mysterious. The mysterious parts are associated with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others -- and how they use mathematical algorithms to rank sites. Now I won't bore you with those figures and equations. Instead I will attempt to unveil the mystery of how we at 2Inovate and others in the industry make it so your website gets found. If your site is not getting found on its own then you are in the cemetery with all the millions of other sites that … (3 comments)

seo: Professional Content - 04/20/11 05:23 AM
Years ago I was told a fascinating story by a mentor of mine in the investment banking industry. Investment bankers at that time were looking for investors in what they were calling “third-world economies.” However nobody was having much luck. Then some banker started calling them “emerging economies” and there was a phenomenal increase in investment – all because of a couple of words. Words matter. Every day, millions of people use search engines. It is imperative that you understand the behavior of those searching the internet -- especially if they are searching for your website.
If you analyze how people … (0 comments)

seo: Content that draws them in - 04/17/11 03:57 PM
The reason content is king is: what else is there? Think about it for a moment. Content is everything in terms of your site being found by Google and the other search engines. Content is the quiddity - the essence of your site. That's why all our writers hold bachelors degrees or higher. However, the thing that sets us apart from other firms is our writers understand SEO best practices. We write content that lends itself to getting found and increasing page rank. Content is not a one shot deal by any means. It is an ongoing campaign, and that's the … (0 comments)

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