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After the hurricane damage in recent years along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts,  the national flood insurance program  was left nearly bankrupt. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy left the program in debt to the tune of about $24 billion. Then, along came legislation to address that. The Biggert-Waters ...
  The following outline is based on purchasing real estate in Delaware. Meant to be a guide, you can use it to help you get an overview of the process. Pre-Approval The Buyer meets with a loan officer (can be done over the phone) to determine what kind of loan they'll qualify for, the maximum pur...
I’m as guilty of it as the next person. I get in habits when it comes to certain things and I assume most people would approach something the same way I do. Then I’m surprised when they don’t. Wow. Why is that? Pssst. Monica. It’s called “human nature.” We’re all entitled to our own unique approa...
He was a teacher. A sixth grade teacher. Anyone who knows anything about children knows that sixth graders are a day to day transitional mix of tweenage hormones and still-a-child impulses. And yet, that’s the group he aimed for, worked with, laughed with, and by whom he was respected and admired...
Buyer’s checklist for Settlement (once you're under contract in Delaware): If you’re purchasing real estate and you’re under contract, Congratulations! This checklist is designed to help you successfully get to Settlement here in Delaware. o  Make a list of the dates in the contract for all the t...
I almost forgot that the Grammys were on tonight. Then I opened up my Facebook and a friend of mine posted a simple question, her usual opening line at times like this:  “Who’s watching the Grammys?” The commentary began. The opening number by Beyonce started a frenzy of words. It left me mystifi...
Tonight was the Art Auction, part of the fundraising for the After Prom for my daughter’s class. A month or two of planning culminated in over 40 great silent auction prizes, a vast array of delicious appetizers and desserts, and, we hoped, a great audience. My daughter dropped me off at the fire...
When I moved back to Delaware from Colorado, I was in contact with a lot of friends via the internet. Chatrooms were at their peak in the late 1990s and they began to alter the way we communicated. Announcing that I was going to get my new license plates the next day and was going for a vanity ta...
Winterizing I’ve been following a lot of posts on facebook about friends whose pipes are frozen. How awful is that? Pipes are the first thing I think of when I see the word “winterizing.” Yet there’s another item that’s good to keep on your list to keep an eye on:  your dryer exhaust vent. If you...
Despite the frigid temperatures, a group of parents gathered tonight to continue working on fundraising and plans for the After Prom at Mount Pleasant High School. The biggest item on the agenda was the impending Art Auction slated for this Saturday. In addition to the works of art that the aucti...


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