pat obrien: I-35 and FM-3009 Almost last Schertz- Cibolo, closure update, I HOPE! - 01/12/14 01:13 PM
I-35 and FM-3009 Almost last Schertz- Cibolo, closure update, I HOPE! 
Tonight the crews were out to close exit 175 on Northbound I-35.  This was scheduled last Fall, so a little history.
The Memorial Day flood diverted many construction teams to repair projects with a higher priority.  There was also a design flaw in the ribbon overpass to Forum Parkway.  As anyone that lives or needs to use the I-35 and FM-3009 (Roy RIchard or Natural Bridge) intersection knows, the traffic was awful for many, many months.  And we now know how Cinderella felt.  I was very frustrated and start … (0 comments)

pat obrien: Where do we go from here....Apathy, voting, housing & those elected! - 10/16/13 06:09 AM
Where do we go from here....Apathy, voting, housing & those elected!
When Walmart announced that they were coming to my little town, or maybe now, not so little town, all hell broke loose.  I moved here in 1997 and we had about 2000 people here.  My first year on council we had 70 new homes and the next year we had almost 300.  I realize growth is hard.  I am also an optimist and hope that the pain of growth will help draw some of our close to 25,000 citizens into the process.
Some history...
Cibolo in the time I … (0 comments)

pat obrien: Home Owners Responsibility.... A regional issue! - 01/09/13 08:48 AM
Home Owners Responsibility.... A regional issue!
I was at a city council meeting yesterday and a resident complained that a new ordinance that was aimed at builder responsibility and setting up new ways to assure builders can be held responsible for substandard work gave the builders an out by stating some of the items that are rightfully the homeowners responsibilities.
This homeowner didn't like the one section that said that the owner was responsible for maintaining the grade of soil away from foundation and keeping the soil moist.  This homeowner thought that was ridiculous because a home was durable and should not … (2 comments)

pat obrien: Xmas v Christmas - 12/23/12 11:15 PM
Xmas v Christmas
I  get the blog written that I have been thinking about posting for the holidays and then I get an email which prompts another blog.  So, I will call this Christmas Blog Part Deux. (People who like bad movies with disgraced football players will get that)
I wrote Xmas in an email that went out to one too many people, if you catch what I am saying.  I got a response from the one too many, whom I really don’t know, but knew my background and was horrified that I could help in the effort to take Christ … (0 comments)

pat obrien: Happy Holidays v Merry Christmas - 12/23/12 10:46 PM
Happy Holidays v Merry Christmas                                                        
I received an email the other day with 10 pictures of a Christmas Tree.  Alll labeled "Christmas Tree."  The end of the email said it isn't a holiday tree, a winter break tree ... you get the point.  I have had a few people insist on saying Merry Christmas in public gatherings as a push back at political correctness.  I don't want to even touch that bigger topic here, … (3 comments)

pat obrien: 181 Rosegate | Corner Lot | Randolph AFB Area - 09/11/12 12:54 AM
181 Rosegate | Corner Lot | Randolph AFB Area  


pat obrien: Question about future bogs.... - 07/15/12 02:13 PM
For my 50th birthday, my brother and his wife gave me a Big Green Egg, AKA bge.  I have always loved to cook & my bge has put that interest on overdrive..  Yet, I have to admit, that I thought spending this amount for  a grill was a little crazy.  I thought my Weber Kettle was already the panacea for cooking meat.  I would have gone to any competition with a leg of lamb or chicken or turkey cooked on my weber and had no idea how much better it could be.  TO BE CLEAR, I know that i have 4 grills.  My dad's Weber … (2 comments)

pat obrien: Things I have learned from my puppy! - 07/15/12 01:18 PM
The book, Things I have learned in Kindergarten, change the life of many people.  I don't have kids, but I think that I have learned just as much form my puppy.  I was looking for a "helper dog" or "seeing eye dog" for my blind 13 year old schnauzer, Ally.  I visited shelters, some that were over an hour from my house.  I brought Ally with me each time and none of the dogs were a good match.  After a really bad vet visit, I stopped by a local, non-chain pet store near my house looking for a nice toy or treat … (0 comments)

pat obrien: Price Improvement | 122 Sage | 210-365-6424 - 04/15/12 12:30 AM

pat obrien: Garden Home | Gated Community | Corner Lot - 04/14/12 02:25 PM

pat obrien: 1321 Wagon Wheel | Brand New Rental | Close to Randolph AFB - 04/02/12 12:49 PM
1321 Wagon Wheel | Brand New Rental | Close to Randolph AFB … (0 comments)

pat obrien: Yet another PRICE IMPROVEMENT! Oversized Olympia Hills Lot in Selma. - 03/01/12 12:34 PM

pat obrien: Buffalo Crossing Price Improvement! NOW ONLY $174,923! - 03/01/12 11:41 AM

pat obrien: Randolph AFB area home & walk to park! - 03/01/12 11:15 AM
Randolph AFB area home & walk to park! … (0 comments)

pat obrien: Volunteers | The Human Spirit is AMAZING! - 02/18/12 12:48 AM
Volunteers | The Human Spirit is AMAZING!
I have been amazed every year as I announce at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, at the level of investment of the Horse Show Committee's volunteers.  There is one small group headed up by Bryan DeKay of Renue Carpet (he deserves the plug) that gives up well over a week of their lives to set up, reset and take down the bleachers, thousands of hours of donated labor just to get the exhibit hall set up for the shows and they are just a small group of the over 300 people that are … (2 comments)

pat obrien: Great New Listing at 8139 Brisbane, Converse, TX - 01/06/12 03:11 AM

pat obrien: 168 Niemietz Cove | Cibolo, TX - 01/05/12 12:13 PM

pat obrien: A Tale of 2.5 Phones, IV - 10/31/11 01:28 PM
A Tale of 2.5 Phones, IV
The topic for this blog will be the Siri and iCloud services.  From the start, I need to be clear that these are why I found a way to get an iPhone, when I still love my EVO 3D.  My final question for the last blog will be, do these services overcome the features and functionality that I love on my EVO....
Siri first...
I can tell my phone.  "remind me when i get to my office to check the alarm battery" and the next time I get to my office my phone will display … (1 comments)

pat obrien: A Tale of 2.5 Phones III - 10/24/11 05:03 AM
A Tale of 2.5 Phones III
A week ago I started to look at both the EVO 3D and the iPhone 4s.  They are both great products and both have their good points.  Some history on me before I continue with this.  I have done IT work on the side for most of my life.  I am the IT "guy" for our office and I love it.  I have a MacBook Pro for my mobile computing and a very nice Gateway with Win7 with dual monitors at my desk.  I also have an iPad and got a iTouch because it syncs … (3 comments)

pat obrien: Worst (BEST) phishing attempt to date! - 10/23/11 03:19 PM
Worst (BEST) phishing attempt to date!

I hope there is a special place in hell for these people too!  When dad died and I started helping mom, I realized how truly insidious these people are.  The people that snail mail things that look like they are from the Government were easy enough for my mom to figure out due to addresses.  But in today's world when emails come they look like paypal, a real bank or insurance company.
Here is the best example of this evil that I have seen so far...

I started to fill this out....they … (10 comments)