rector hayden realtors: Home Buyers get Preapproved and Stay with your price. - 11/02/12 02:41 AM
This blog post is written for first time home buyers.  However if you have not purchased a home in the past 6 years then much of this post can also be very helpful for you.   Before the recession buying a home was not very difficult.  Today you must have been pre approved for a loan if you want to buy a home.  Sellers and agents want to know you are capable of buying before working with home buyers.
Don't waste time looking for a home before getting pre approved. You need to be ready to show the sellers you have the money. … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Thanks Bluegrass Energy for your help today. - 02/15/12 02:16 PM
Today I loaded my trailer with ladders to take to my friends farm to help cover his cold frame with plastic. I had to meet a client first at the property in Jessamine County where perculation holes were to be dug.  Just  before I arrived the trailer began making weird wobbling noises.  I discovered upon investigation that my left rear trailer tire had disintegrated. After digging through my trunk to recover a tire wrench I was able to discover that the lug nuts were rusted on the bolts.  I  dug through the trunk again and recovered a can of liquid wrench. … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Help Us Help You by Filling Out This Form - 02/14/12 09:20 AM
Dorothy and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can help us by filling in this form with your contact information.  Thanks so much!
Fill out my Wufoo form!

rector hayden realtors: Great Time to get a Deal in Jessamine County Kentucy, Make Your Move NOW! - 01/16/12 11:12 AM
January 2012 Housing Market Report for Jessamine County Kentucky,  Home Buyers - Now is the Time to snatch a deal! The very latest Market Report for residential homes produced by Rector Hayden Realtors shows once again that NOW is the time for buyers to make a smart move and purchase that dream home you have been wanting in Jessamine County.   The absorption rate for homes in the $250,000 range and higher in Jessamine County is fifteen months or more, with the exception of the $550-599,900.   That may be just because there are so few homes in that higher price … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: A Shift in the Market in Lexington and Fayette County - Surprise? - 01/16/12 04:56 AM
Big Change In Fayette County Housing Market We constantly read that this is a buyer's market here in Fayette County and it has been for several years now.   Historically a buyer's market is defined by the fact that there are six months or more inventory of homes to be sold.  That is commonly called "the absorption rate."  In simple terms the absorption rate is how many months it will take to sell the homes that are currently on the market in a certain price range. Well, we finally have an absorption rate that is less than six months.  There are … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Surprises in the Central Kentucky Housing Market for 2011 - Good News or Bad News? - 01/11/12 01:41 PM
Good News or Bad News?  Central Kentucky Home Sales for 2011 The number of homes that sold in Central Kentucky the last six months of 2011 took a significant jump up in 2011.  However the price of the average home sold in Central Kentucky for 2011 took a significant drop. If you are a buyer that is certainly good news provided you have credit scores that will allow you to secure a loan. If you are a seller that may be bad news.  If you have been waiting to sell, hoping prices to rise,  you may need to wait a few … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Hyper-Local Housing Markets Revealed again in Lexington Kentucky for 2011 - 01/01/12 12:04 PM
Hyper-Local housing markets in Lexington, Great Differences in Sales Prices for two adjacent neighborhoods. The adjacent neighborhood just east of the University of Kentucky homes are much higher priced.  Another proof of the very hyper-local  differences in the housing market in Lexington Kentucky.  This market analysis is for homes located north of Alumni Drive and south of Downtown between High Street and Richmond Road.  A few days ago I did an analysis of a neighborhood just west of this area that included mostly homes that were located close to the University of Kentucky.  Today's area includes most of Chevy Chase, most … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Buying a Home in Lexington, Visit Rupp Arena to Get a Taste of the Real Lexington - 12/19/11 02:38 PM
The University of Kentucky is the largest employer in the city and best known for its storied basketball history.  To get a sense of the magnetic, almost magical influence of basketball in Lexington one really needs to attend a University of Kentucky basketball game. However,  just understanding the setting may whet your appetite enough to come visit the city.
Rupp Arena, named after Adolph Rupp the coach of several National Championships is the venue for Wildcat basketball.  However, Rupp is much more than just a place to help 23,000 rabid Cat fans scream their lungs out.  Rupp is located downtown and … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Rector Hayden Realtors Continues To Lead the Way in Home Sales - Market Report for Dec. 2011 - 12/16/11 10:53 AM
Rector Hayden Realtors Continues to Have a Big Advantage in Home Sales in Central Kentucky

Do you want an advantage getting your home sold in Central Kentucky?

Take a look at the most recent Rector Hayden Market Report.  

Rector Hayden sold 70 percent more homes than its nearest competitor the first eleven months of this year.

You can get this complete market report for all of Central Kentucky on a monthly basis by just requesting it.  Shoot Paul Campbell an email at or give me a call 8596845890.


rector hayden realtors: Buyer Tip #2 - Consider the Circumstances and Take the Time Needed to Make a Wise Decision - 12/08/11 09:28 AM
Common Circumstances That Face Buyers That Need Resolved Wisely Before Making an Offer. I have not seen many people write about this topic.  But I think it is critical when it comes to buying a home or when spending any large amount of money.  Buying a home will be the greatest amount of money most families spend in their lifetime. Circumstance One     You and your significant other are struggling in your relationship.  Buying a home seems like it will be the way "to save the relationship."  STOP!  Do not Pass Go!    Get some professional counseling right now!   Make … (1 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Centrtal Kentucky Market Report - Fewer Homes for Sale in the Winter, Good News for Buyers or Sellers? - 12/07/11 11:14 AM
Rector Hayden Market Report for December 2011

The current housing market report for Central Kentucky continues to mirror the previous few years.

There are more homes on the market during the summer months and fewer during the winter months.  

Seller's and buyers should take note of the fact that fewer homes in Central Kentucky are for sale during the winter.

Sellers often pulling their homes from the market during the cold months.  Leaving the home on the market  gives them additional exposure because there are fewer home for sale.    There are homes selling every … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Tips for Home Buyers in Central Kentucky - #1 - Don't Try to Predict Future Prices - 12/06/11 05:20 AM
Paul's First Tip for Home Buyers in Central Kentucky NO PERSON OUTSIDE OR INSIDE THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY HAS A CRYSTAL BALL.   Trying to predict when prices will have reached their lowest point is like dropping a ball from the same height onto a myriad of different surfaces and expecting it to always rebound the same.  Dropping a ball into a feather bed and onto a marble surface will get extreme differences in the rebound.  There are extreme differences in the housing market around the nation, there are extreme differences in each state, extreme differences in each county, extreme differences in … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Why Are Grandchildren So Funny? - 11/28/11 11:21 AM
Why are Grandchildren so Much Funnier than their parents? "Tell Grammie to turn on the water and give it a try Granpa."  I am working at my computer in my office when the confident order from my 4 year old grandson is pronounced.  I start to rise from my chair when it dawns on me that Sam may not have the authority to blurt out such a bold command.   The plumber is working to unplug a clogged drain from a clean out in the basement.  I look at Sam seriously and ask, "Did the Plumber man say to turn on … (1 comments)

rector hayden realtors: JUMP OFF THE FENCE NOW, CALL PAUL, LEXINGTON'S GREEN THUMB REALTOR - 11/23/11 10:37 AM
Rector Hayden's December report shows that we are continuing to have an abundant market of homes for sale in Central Kentucky.   The blue line neat the top is the number of homes on the market.  The green line are the pending sales.  The red bars are the homes that have sold. With interest rates hovering around four percent, prices in many communities as low as they have been since 2003 this is THE TIME TO BUY!  Buying  home in Central Kentucky right now is a great option.  I helped a buyer get agreement today on a home that is only … (0 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Four Reasons You Should NOT buy a home even if you can qualify for a loan. - 11/21/11 01:15 PM
Four Reasons Not to Buy a Home Even if You do Qualify for a Loan. As a realtor I am constantly helping people make decisions about how to use their money.  I personally believe it is my utmost duty to help my clients make responsible decisions.   So Here Are Some Ways that I Work as your realtor to make sure you make a wise decision when buying a home. 1) Don't buy to flip and make a quick buck.   If you are trying to buy a home and flip it I will do everything possible to discourage you unless … (2 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Top Ten Reasons to Move to Lexington - 11/19/11 02:14 PM
Previously I have written about the benefits of living in Lexington.  Here my top ten reasons to live in Lexington Kentucky. 10.  My grandchildren live here in Lexington.  I know, I know but they really are the cutest children on God's green earth. 9.  Lexington is the best place in the nation to live if you hate  Duke Blue Devils basketball.  Yes, if you really hate Duke BBall this is the place to live.  According to this "Bleacher Report" Duke basketball is by far the team people most like to hate in the basketball world.   8.  Lexington does not have … (2 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Fall Beauty in Gainesway Subdivision, Lexington Ky - 11/08/11 10:34 AM
Visit or stay a lifetime, but come to Lexington for the fall beauty. Central Kentucky may not have the famous Smokey Mountain color or the colors of New Hampshire but  it is pretty spectacular nevertheless. The older neighborhoods have the best color.  The newer neighborhoods have not had enough time for the trees to get to the majestic beauty stage.  I took these photos driving up Claiborne Way.  Those really tall trees are Pin Oaks.  Those two pin oaks are the lifeblood  of my  little spot of land.  The provide nourishment for the garden, spectacular beauty during the fall months and … (4 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Pristine Land for Sale in Wilmore, 20 minutes from Lexington, Ky - 10/31/11 12:43 PM
Almost 82 acres of Pristine Farm Land in Wilmore, Just 20 minutes to Lexington.

This is a rare opportunity to own a wonderful piece of land close to Lexington that is a quick, smooth commute on Harrodsburg road.     If you have ever dreamed of farming or owning a farm near a city this is your opportunity.  The land can easily be divided into 5 acre plots and there is Wilmore city water and sewer available. Or own your own farm and raise your family in Wilmore, one of Central Kentucky's finest small towns.   Out of area buyers!!! … (2 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Giant Brainlike Fruit that Smells Like an Orange Discovered in Wilmore! - 10/26/11 10:15 AM
Osage Orange A fruit shaped like a brain that smells like an orange.  What could it be? In walking a property yesterday that I hope to list soon I discovered a very unusual fruit?  I immediately came home and started doing some research on the internet. This fruit is not like any other.  It is adorning my kitchen table while I wait to introduce it to my grandchildren. A found a bunch of good web pages that explain the history of this fruit. This one seems the most scientific. This "brainlike fruit" seems so baffling.  Why is it so huge?  Why … (3 comments)

rector hayden realtors: Lovely Copper Trace home with numerous upgrades, only $214,900 - 10/24/11 03:16 PM

Helping seller and buyers understand the value of the land they buy or sell is my passion. My work as a real estate agent is fulfilling because I am passionate about negotiating value. Sellers, let me help you maximize the value of your land even if it is just a small front yard. Buyers I will help you find a place even in the middle of Lexington that can help your family build a wonderful home. Give me a chance to look at your home, your land, your garden and I will give you some great ideas on how you can enhance the presentation of your home with a very small budget.




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