feng shui new york city apartments: FENG SHUI EYES by Feng Shui Long Island, New York City - 02/09/08 02:51 AM
This is, undoubtedly, a difficult post for me because there are so many different views and perspectives about Feng Shui in ANY space, I can tell you what WE look for-and try to explain WHY.  A warning:  It is long.  If you want an understanding of Feng Shui Eyes and Principles, read on!
When Feng Shui Consultants are looking at a Home, Business, Office, Corporation or are called in to review floor plans for new construction or a renovation, there are many things we are always mindful of.  Many of us start from the outside to do an Exterior Evaluation.  … (34 comments)

feng shui new york city apartments: The 'Angel Lady' of Long Island--This is why I do what I do by Feng Shui Long Island - 02/02/08 10:01 PM
If you lived on Long Island many years ago, it's more then likely you'll know who the ‘Angel Lady' of Long Island is.  If not, here's a link to part one of her story as told by Newsday  Halo My Dear Angel
In brief, Fran Lenzo was your average Long Island lady with a pretty home in the lovely town of Huntington and remarried to a wonderful man named Jerry.  They lived, they worked and they played just as any happy couple would.  Until the day Fran found a lump in her breast.  And heard the words malignant, chemotherapy and masectomy...too … (22 comments)

feng shui new york city apartments: The Chinese New Year, Pt 2--Make it Count! by Feng Shui Long Island - 01/22/08 10:43 AM
Yes, there ARE more things to do for the New Year.  I know, believe me, you don't want to hear it (and I don't blame you) but it's especially important this year and I'll tell you why.
This is the year of the RAT.  It is the FIRST in the twelve cycles of the zodiac that make up Chinese Astrology.  Because it is the first, this is a year of plentiful opportunities and prospects for anyone, no matter what sign you are!  That's some great news for all of us.
 It is a wonderful year for starting new projects and making long term investments. So even … (31 comments)

feng shui new york city apartments: MILESTONES and MEMORIES--They are Priceless! by Feng Shui Long Island - 01/15/08 12:12 PM
Milestones.  It's funny that we can't remember all of ours but I have profound memories of all my children's milestones and was fortunate to be there to see almost every single one of them.  Actually, my son's first steps were caught on our video camera.  We were filming outside that day and got his very first steps on tape.  You can still hear the thrills of our voices on it.My daughter was speech delayed and while I don't have her first words on video, I remember it SO clearly.  I had determined that this child had gotten away with pointing too … (27 comments)

feng shui new york city apartments: Come to the US Open in 2009 in Bethpage, Long Island! by Feng Shui Long Island - 01/14/08 07:02 AM
Come to The US Open in Bethpage, Long Island!  The pictures here will tell the story of this lovely place, Bethpage State Park.
It has recently been announced that once again Long Island, New York will host the 2009 US Open at its famed Bethpage Golf Course at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York.  This beautiful and challenging golf course and  State Park is so large it extends into both Nassau and Suffolk Counties and borders the towns of Farmingdale, Bethpage, Old Bethpage and Plainview.
We were thrilled to have the US Open held here in 2002 at their famous … (17 comments)

feng shui new york city apartments: Something's Coming....Can You FEEL It? by Feng Shui Long Island - 01/11/08 04:07 AM
Something's Coming; I don't know WHAT it is but it's gonna be GREAT!  Some of my favorite lines to a favorite musical is what comes to mind today.  I woke up this morning with absolute joy in my heart but don't know or recognize the source.  In sharp contrast to the weather today, which on Long Island is cold, rainy and just gray, I feel completely the opposite.  And I don't know why.
It's one of those rare days we all get from time to time and I wish they came more often.  It's a combination of hope, belief, happiness and pure … (28 comments)

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