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That Wasn't Meant to Happen...     Nothing below the Heavens is perfect; especially, on this whiling orb traversing through the vast cosmos. But one would hope that in our tech savvy world, some things would occasionally work as expected.      My gripe? One would think that at 3 or 4AM the server...
Load Bearing Windows...     As a  licensed home inspector, I need to get continuing education credits every year in order to maintain my license. That being said, I really do my best to keep up on the latest and greatest especially when it comes to new new products and construction practices.    ...
Leave it to the Inspector to Spill the Beans...     I'll swear, there is never a slow day in the home inspection industry. Think about it, as long as there are people, houses, and those who like to tinker and do things half-a$$ed; inspectors will always have blog fodder. -- (no need to check out ...
Plastic Dryer Vents...     Plastic dryer venting has been banned from residential usage for several years now. However; I still run into this material when doing inspections of older properties. This material is a fire safety hazard and needs to be replaced if you have this present in your home. ...
Inspecting Older Electrical Systems...     When inspecting older properties, a Nashville Home Inspector needs to stay on their toes and leave nothing to chance, especially electrical systems. The picture to the left shows an older panel with wires tapped off the top of the main bus lugs which are...
Trying to Save a Few Bucks...     I love my job . . . I love my job . . . I really love my job. How many times have we told ourselves that in attempts to convince ourselves that we are REALLY in the right trade or doing the right thing to eke out a living?      While inspecting a total dis...
One Never Knows...     One never knows what they will find when inspecting new construction properties in Nashville, TN. The other day, I came across this rather “unusual” venting system for the gas water heater.      Now I know that the "codes" officials never miss things important things such a...
More Time On Their Hands...     I often encounter things during my inspections that really make me wonder. I reckon there are some folks that have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.     Being the inquisitive type, I pondered, how long did it take some schlep to chisel the ho...
  Just When I Think I've Seen it All,someone sets the limbo bar on creative and innovative ways of doing things to an alltime low. Need extra outlets in your room addition? Why bother with the hassle of having meddlesome codes inspectors or the expense of an electrician to do things right when yo...
Monday Morning Motivator - 100311...  Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.      ~Winston Churchill       I can only speak for myself, but there are times when, after repeated failures, enthusiasm or even hope that I will see success on a project wanes. It ...

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