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Utah County Homes for Sale, who pays for Closing Costs? There have been times in the past that I have had clients come to closing not understanding what kind of money they would be required to pay. There are various fees associated with buying and selling a home.  These fees are called closing co...
Utah County Homes for Sale and Short Sales With the present Real Estate market in turmoil and many home owners are having a hard time trying to sell their home, because they owe more than it is worth.  I keep getting the question from my buyers about what is a Short Sale and how does it work?  We...
Utah County Homes for Sale the Internet and Real Estate Websites The Internet is beginning to play a major role in our daily lives.  Most people are having a hard time doing anything without first going the Internet.  I am finding that most Real Estate Home Buyers begin their home search on the I...
Utah County Homes for Sale MLS Listings, IDX and the Virtual World Technology has reached new levels for the Realtor in today's Virtual World.  The home buyer can actually sit in the comfort of their present home and view all future homes just as if they were actually there.  I am just amazed whe...
Utah County Homes for Sale, Earnest Money and the REPC The Real Estate Purchase Contract involves more than just price.  You will have to discuss personal property possession, rent, tests, inspections, closing dates and more.  The one term that throws most buyers, especially first time buyers is ...
Utah County Homes for Sale and Title Insurance The last process that takes place just prior to recording is the closing.  At closing the Title or Escrow company provides the buyer with Title Insurance or an Owner's Policy.  They insure that you have clear title to the property.  If there are any ...
Utah County Homes for Sale, Buyer's Beware of Yield Spread Premium As a Loan Officer and Realtor I have noticed an area of Home Loans and Mortgages that goes unnoticed by the consumer,  that of Yield Spread Premium.  Most borrowers believe that their Loan Officer makes his profit with the Loan Or...
Utah County Homes for Sale and Credit Scores Credit Scores range between 300 and 850.  Usually scores above 600 are considered to be desirable for obtaining a home loan.  There are five main factors that are considered when your score is calculated. Payment History Do you pay your credit card obl...
Utah County Homes for Sale, Understanding Mortgage's and  Interest Rates As a home buyer, it only makes sense to try and get the lowest rate possible when obtaining a Home Loan.  After all, the rate is the primary factor in determining your house payment.  But how do you get a low rate when apply...
Utah County Home for Sale, FHA Loans and Lower Down-payments The FHA (Federal Housing Authority) doesn't actually fund your home loan in any way.  The FHA simply provides mortgage insurance to help consumers become Home Owners.  The FHA actually insures the lender from losses resulting from Home ...

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