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Welcome to my blog! I usually write about three times a week....generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips. I also write about local events in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and I throw in the occasional healthy recipe.



Preparing your house for sale is stressful, and it's a lot of work.  But, if you make the effort to do it right, the ordeal doesn't have to last quite as long.  It helps to think of your house as a product that requires strategic marketing.  Retailers display products in visually appealing packag...
As a New Hampshire Home Stager I've seen many prematurely gray homes....older than their years.Is your front door showing it's age?  It's time for a color!  I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't be afraid to paint wood.   For many people painting over wood is considered blasphemy, but not all w...
Yes, Home Staging is like decorating, but it's not the same as decorating...Home Staging is the strategic marketing of a product.  There is a HUGE difference between creating an attractive place for you to live and creating an emotionally appealing product for you to sell.Atlanta Home Stager, Kat...
New Hampshire Home Stager, Transforming My New Home - Grandkids' BedroomA couple of months ago I wrote a post, The New Hampshire Home Stager Bait & Switch, which started this series sharing photos from the transformation of my new home.In case you missed previous posts: Dining Room,  Living Room,...
BurglaBar Keeps The Children In and The Burglars Out My daughter recently introduced me to an easy and economical  home security and childproofing product. It's called BurglaBar - the "silent entry sentry"BurglaBar is a hinge-type lock that prevents a sliding door or sash window from opening.  It...
 New Hampshire Home Stager's Top 10 Tips To Making Spring Cleaning FUN It's that time of year, again.  Time to shake off the cobwebs and do the whole refresh and renew thing.Spring Cleaning!  You can whine and complain about the drudgery or....make the best of it.  It's all a matter of attitude. ...

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