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Welcome to my blog! Now that I am retired, I don't blog as much as I used to, generally offering Home Staging advice and decorating tips when I do write. On Wednesdays I enjoy sharing a fun picture or meme using my grandchildren as my inspiration.



I have never been a fan of scones, finding them dry and unappealing for the most part.  Last weekend my husband decided to make scones, much to my delight.  NOT.  I wasn't delighted, I was confused...why would anyone want to make scones?Well he did...and they were fabulous!  I don't know how he d...
At a recent home staging consult, I was asked if home buyers really are influenced by the placement of furniture when they look at houses.  Yes, furniture placement does influence buyers...when they search MLS photos and when they go to a showing.Something most sellers don't take seriously is the...
My Portsmouth, New Hampshire home staging consult's house was featured this morning on the Today Show.I just received a call from one of my favorite Realtors, Marion Barron, informing me that one of her listings was featured in Barbara Corcoran's Today Show segment "5 Great Homes Around U.S. For ...
Losing weight is typically the number one New Years resolution and getting fit and eating healthier are usually in the top ten.  This year, instead of torturing yourself on some deprivation diet for a short period of time and then feeling guilty when you fail, opt for a lifestyle change.  Make be...
I intended to post this photo Wordless, but I can't do it.  There is just too much to say about it...I am sure my cousin and I were wearing bikinis while painting the house because we wanted to get some sun...but what was my thought process on adding the June Cleaver apron?With all that debris on...
I just booked a Home Staging Consult with a client for next week, and she asked what she could do ahead of time to prepare for the consult.  Good question.One mistake sellers make prior to a home staging consult is to remove too much furniture and accessories, leaving the stager with nothing to w...
Yesterday was the funeral of Jack Maguire, a police officer from Woburn, Massachusetts, who was killed in the line of duty the day after Christmas.Jack was 60 years old, scheduled to retire next year. As I watched the funeral procession on TV, I was in awe...thousands of officers from all over th...

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Author Bio: Sharon Tara is a retired professional Home Stager who served the greater Seacoast New Hampshire area. Sharon specialized in owner-occupied home staging consults to help sellers prepare and present their home for sale.