home stager minneapolis mn: A Need To Address Odors When Selling Your Home - 06/11/19 03:37 PM
This isn't the most fun topic to address, it's a little stinky. Okay really I had to say that! :) But seriously, when you are selling your home you need to address any odors that may be present.
This is a tough one because many of us don't smell an odor in our own home. Or we smell it when we first walk in the door but it seems to goes away after a few minutes so we forget about it. If you are selling your home you need to bring in an independent person that will be brutally honest with you. … (6 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Outdoor Spaces When You Are Selling Your Home - 06/06/19 04:47 PM
It's finally summer and with the brutal winter that occurred throughout most of the upper Midwest and beyond, people want to be outside. When working with sellers, one of the things I advise them on during a Home Staging Consultation is to treat almost any outdoor living space as additional square footage.
I know it is not counted towards the square footage total in valuing your home, but many buyers gravitate towards the outdoor spaces and you need to give them priority.
Whether it is a deck, patio, screened in porch or front porch, they all need to be addressed.
With a front porch … (7 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Tips for Selling Your Home When You Have Pets - Home Staging Minneapolis - 01/30/19 09:29 AM
Let me be the first to say that I love animals! Love love love. That does however exclude snakes :-)
But...when I put my house up for sale I had to address the issue of my dogs and what I was going to do when I had showings. It is something you need to give some serious thought to and discuss with your Real Estate Agent.
Although it is disclosed that there is a an animal in the home, it is always best if the potential buyer never encounters or sees your pet. They do not always read all the disclosures or remember … (3 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: What Is LVT/LVP? You Will Want to Know! - 11/06/18 09:43 AM
If you are building or remodeling a home, there is a chance that you may have come across these abbreviated letters. But many of my clients just starting the process get a blank look when I say "Have you considered LVT?"
LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. When I mention the word vinyl I sometimes see a horrified look on my client's faces with flash backs to the large linoleum rolls of flooring from the 60s. That is NOT what I am talking about. 
Many times LVT is used as a catch all for all vinyl flooring but there is a difference based … (2 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Fall Decor When Selling Your Home - 10/05/18 04:39 AM
I ran into this situation this week while doing a Home Staging Consultation. The home owner had filled every room with Fall decor. Table tops, baskets of pumpkins on the floor, little scarecrows hanging here and there, towels with leaves hanging in the bath. 
There is a right and wrong way to enjoy the seasons while selling your home.
Wrong Way:
Having Your Seasonal Decor Overwhelm The Features of Your Home:
This can happen even without seasonal decor, it's called clutter. You don't want buyers looking at your 'things' as they are not buying your things. You want them looking at the architectural features … (11 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Tips for Selling Your Home When You Have Kids - Home Staging Minneapolis - 08/17/18 12:43 PM
Selling your home is not easy nor convenient. When you have children it is even more challenging and much more inconvenient.
A common theme I run into on most Home Staging Consultations is toys. It seems as though young kids just have a lot of them. I'm sure it is all because of Grandma and Grandpa. :)   
Many parents struggle as to what to do with all the toys that are in the living room, the dining room, their bedrooms, the family room, the bath tub and just about everywhere else.
Here are my recommendations:
Toys Are Not the First Thing the Buyer Should … (1 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: The Top 3 Staging Items to Purchase - Home Staging Minneapolis - 06/11/18 06:45 PM
Most people associate Home Staging with the dreaded 'D' word. Declutter! They think that a Home Stager will come in and tell them what they need to take out and remove.
That is part of it but most of my home staging consultations also include tips for the homeowner of items to purchase to make the home shine a little brighter. There are three top items I seem to always be recommending. These three things are not updates to the house or upgrades. They are items that you can take with you when the home sells.
1. New Towels
New towels are the best … (13 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: How Do You Feel About a Little Bling? - 04/05/18 07:58 AM
Most of the clients that I have worked with have heard that question from me. Many get a puzzled look on their face and some get downright scared. Especially the men!
I usually throw out that question when I am talking to them about their lighting. Lighting is a key factor whether you are staging your home for sale or updating it for enjoyment. Lighting will always give a room lighting; but I think it should also give a room character!
Lighting should make a statement and leave an impression.This couldn't be more important than when you are selling your home. Have the … (11 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: But Those Valances Were Expensive! - 03/24/18 07:45 AM
I get that response many times when I recommend to clients that they take down the valances above windows when they are preparing to put their home up for sale.
I understand they may have been expensive but many times that was 20-30 years ago so you have gotten your money's worth. Even if they were purchased more recently you can take them with you to your  new home or leave them folded in a closet for the homeowner if they want to use them
The reason I make this recommendation is:
1) Valances cut the ceiling height down.
It chops the room off visually … (44 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Advice You May Need if Selling Your Home - 01/13/17 08:39 AM
I was at a home yesterday doing a Home Staging Consultation and I ran into an issue that I see over and over again. Lack of light!
Plain and simple.....buyers do not like dark houses. I think you could look at hundreds of feedback comments on homes and never see "The house just had too much natural light." or "The  house was just too bright." You just never hear that.
But you do hear, "The house was so dark." or "Boy there just wasn't any natural light."
Perhaps your home has all of it's windows facing north or it was built in the decades … (34 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: The History of Blue Porch Ceilings - 11/16/16 09:38 PM
Have you ever seen a blue porch ceiling? Maybe looking up and thinking "well that's pretty". It is pretty but there is a history behind them.
When I designed this farmhouse style house I wanted to do some unique things and you don't see the blue ceilings much in the north as it was originated in the deep south. It made its way to the east coast into Victorian homes and has recently seen a revival of interest throughout the country.
Originally called 'Haint' blue, haint is the Gullah pronunciation of haunt. First used in Charleston, South Carolina in the early 1800s the … (4 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: The Story of a Chair. Home Staging Minneapolis, MN - 08/09/16 10:39 PM
If a chair could tell a story I wonder what it would say? Especially this chair.
I saw this chair in a house that was going to be remodeled; I was hired to do all the design selections and then stage it. When I saw the chair I knew it was a classic, well made and had been a stunner in it's day.
Who had owned it? What stories had it heard?  
The house had basically been abandoned after a death and estate issue. I asked the investor if I could have the chair and he said "sure." I called my upholsterer, had him … (7 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Staging BRAND new. Wow! - 05/03/16 07:14 AM
I stage every kind of home. Old, new, renovated, remodeled, big, small and everything in between. That's why my job is so much fun. It is never the same. Ever.
Recently I staged a new construction home for a builder. Beautiful home, large home and as always fun to do. Take a look!
Huge Office: 
Stunning Formal Dining Room with Bling!
And yes, the Great Room is great! Look at that fireplace: 
Very large informal eating area. Open concept!
Check out this kitchen. Copper Sink!
Bonus Room great for the kiddos opposite their bedrooms:
HUGE Master Bath:
The Master Bedroom speaks for itself. AAAhhh.......
Hope you enjoyed seeing what's out … (8 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: What Don't Buyers Want? Home Staging Minneapolis - 02/03/16 07:59 AM
A lot of people know what buyers want:
Stainless Steel Appliances
Open Concept
Move In Ready 
And so on.
But it is just as important to talk about what buyers DON'T want. Actually this is a little tougher to talk about as sometimes people take it personally. Don't take it personally. These are things we all need to know to get our homes sold. 
1: BUYERS DON'T WANT SMELLSI am not talking about smelling fresh flowers, although fake fragrances and air fresheners are bad. Many people are allergic to fragrances so be careful. 
The smells I am talking about are:
    A. Pet Smells. I have dogs, large … (11 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: New Year. New Face? Home Staging Minneapolis MN - 01/17/16 09:42 PM
It's time for a fresh start right? How about a new face on those kitchen cabinets? No plastic surgery needed!
I always get asked if it is a good idea to Re-Face cabinets and of course the answer is "it depends".
If you are selling your home soon than "No." Painting them may be your best option. If you have a high end home than yes you may need to Re-Face.
If you are not selling your home within the next couple years then you probably do want to Re-Face your cabinets if they are outdated. When you go to sell your … (14 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: A New Year's Resolution - if you are selling your home in 2016 - 01/04/16 11:00 PM
Yes you can have a New Year's resolution that isn't about losing weight or eating better. One that is specific if you are selling your home in 2016.
There are many things that are important when selling your home:
1) Hiring a top-notch Realtor that is going to market your home in the best way possible.
2) Selecting the best price for your home and area.
3) That horrible 'D' word.....DECLUTTER.   
Those are all things that are important but did you remember another really important one?
Home Staging
Yes....staging is just as important as everything else on the list. As billionaire real estate mogul and … (11 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Larger Investment Curb Appeal Improvements - 09/03/15 12:32 PM
In my first two posts in this Curb Appeal series I address Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips as well as Moderately Priced Improvements. Now I want to address those that are more expensive.
Almost everyone needs to do the Inexpensive Improvements if they are selling their home or as regular maintenance while they live in their home. Most home owners will fall into needing to do some of the Moderately priced items as well.
Not as many homeowners will need to do the "Big Ticket" items but if the home is a higher end property you may need to do these for selling. Otherwise … (5 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Don't Let Your Home Be A Big Yawn for Buyers - Add a Little Funk! - 05/18/14 11:59 PM
It's true. Although most of the time with Home Staging it is 'less is more' and you want to 'down play the things in the house so the house can be seen', but there are also times where you just have to add a little funk.
Once in a while the house either doesn't have much in the way of architectural features or it is a little aaahhhyyyyy......boring and  blah. Don't let your home be a big yawn for the buyer!! 
The house needs to stand out and be remembered by the buyer that walks through the door. … (4 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Why Hire a Home Stager if You are an Investor? - 05/09/14 06:41 AM
There are different types of investors with different goals. Some investors buy properties for wholesale purposes and others buy properties to rehab and rent.
A third type of investor that I work with are those that are buying properties, rehabbing them and then reselling them for a profit. 
Investors provide a great service to the community and a neighborhood. Many times they are taking properties that are extremely distressed that no one else will buy. At times they take properties that have been condemned and an eyesore for the neighborhood, dragging down everyone's values and turns it into an asset for the neighborhood.
I love … (5 comments)

home stager minneapolis mn: Why Hire a Home Stager for your Occupied Home? Home Staging Minneapolis - 04/27/14 12:27 AM
Even though Home Staging has been around for over a dozen years in most areas, many people still don't know what a Home Stager does and why they should hire one. 
There are different reasons for hiring a Home Stager and the reasons differ depending on your situation. Let's look at the most common seller first, the seller that is living in their home and trying to get it ready to put on the market. 
The #1 reason that someone living in their home should hire a Home Stager is because of the MLS photos.
Yes....that is really what I said. Although the MLS photo is taken … (37 comments)

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