inspiration: Rock a Block Challenge: Get out and about! - 04/25/15 01:29 AM
Rock a Block Challenge: Get out and about!
During the spring season, it's time to get outside and see what in the world is happening, with camera in hand. Taking in the sights and sounds, not to mention the smells, is enlightening! My challenge to all of you is to set off and discover what is waiting for you within a block of your home or work office. Snap photos as you go, then share the results with everyone here in the Rain.
There is a trove of treasures just waiting to be discovered by you! Here are my results of rocking a block in southern Utah:
Ring around the rosies, a pocket full … (14 comments)

inspiration: Look up in the sky...It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's an Altocumulus Standing Lenticular Cloud! - 01/04/15 10:56 PM
Look up in the sky...It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's an Altocumulus Standing Lenticular Cloud!
Many people were left wondering about the almost mystical formation that hovered in the southern Utah skies yesterday, including myself. Being a cloud watcher and rainbow chaser, I was so curious in fact that I just had to look it up.

This unusual type of cloud, according to the National Weather Service is known as an altocumulus standing lenticular cloud, usually forming in the winter and spring months. It is caused when fast moving air is forced up and over a topographic barrier that is oriented more or … (18 comments)

inspiration: What a glorious feeling... - 10/26/14 01:35 AM
What a glorious feeling...I'm happy again!
A beautiful sunset can lift the spirits and mindset of anyone who takes witness. No invitation or expectation necessary, only the rapt attention of those present.

Happy Sunday. May your day be bright and cheery as you begin again. It will happen anyway, so why not?

inspiration: Reaching higher to inspire. - 09/07/14 01:06 AM
Reaching higher to inspire.

What is it that moves you?
Is it an exceptional fresh-roast cup of coffee in the morning? A solitary walk along the beach? An unobstructed perch to watch the sun rise?
For me, it is the start of a new day that holds promise. Unexpected events that continue to push time forward, opening my eyes wider to the importance of being present.
To enjoy the here and now, rather than glancing back or wishing ahead.
Happy Sunday all, it is looking very promising from here! Enjoy.

inspiration: Oh no! LOOK who's moving in! - 08/06/14 01:09 AM
Oh no! LOOK who's moving in!
It was not expected to happen but has, unwelcome tenants in your personal space, taking up room that is better left to more important events. Try as you might to stave them, avoid them, prevent them from taking over, they are unlocking the door, ready and willing to move in, to overstay their visit.
It is up to you to send them on their way by saying No Vacancy to negative thoughts.

Be gone now negative thoughts and don't you come back, ya hear?!

inspiration: Give of your time and lift another's state of mind. - 07/04/14 11:56 PM
Give of your time and lift another's state of mind.

Finding inner peace at times comes by sloughing off negative and creeping doubts. When it becomes difficult to hold onto the positivity due to everyday occurances, outside influences or when things take an unexpected turn...
Go with the flow and create a ripple ripple ripple ripple effect. 
You never know who you may inspire or where it may lead! Those around you may be inclined to share and reach out to others.
Give of your time and lift another's state of mind, you'll be glad glad glad glad you did. So will the receiver!
Happy Saturday all!

inspiration: What days of the week start with a T? - 06/12/14 11:03 PM
What days of the week start with a T?
I know what you're thinking...Your answer most likely was Tuesday and Thursday but it is actually Today and Tomorrow! While Today has already started, we have the opportunity to make it one of the best ever and if lucky enough, possess the power to make Tomorrow even better and brighter for ourselves and for others!
It is a matter of choice, of course. One Today or Tomorrow at a time.

inspiration: You're darn tootin'! - 06/04/14 12:47 PM
You're darn tootin'!

Our lives are filled with moments that are meant to be shared.  Have a story that may inspire another? A rainy symphony? Sun-shiny scenario? Or a stormy series of events? An experience that spurned you forward in business? Your favorite places to visit locally? Well, you're darn tootin' we all want to hear about it! 
If you are short on writing material, then:
Take a walk / run Sit in a city park Go for a hike Bike a trail Golf a round Plant some flowers Grab your camera and take some photos Take an afternoon, attend a local event and explore what your area offers! … (7 comments)

inspiration: "When you know better, you do better." ~ Maya Angelou - 05/28/14 02:11 AM

"When you know better, you do better." ~ Maya Angelou The many lessons she taught freely, with no hidden agendas or ulterior motives. This revered and insprirational woman has made an impact that will live forever in the hearts of the very people she touched! Mine included.
Rest in Peace dear Maya Angelou, for you have made this world a better place with your positive presence and will be greatly missed.

inspiration: Look at that, look at THAT!! - 03/22/14 05:23 AM
Look at that, look at THAT!

Nature has her own set of rules that include:
Punctuality - on time, every time Inspiration - twice daily, in and out Work ethic - performs to highest degree She takes success to an elevated level every single time with no fail. Look at that, look at THAT southern Utah sunset! Glad to receive her daily gifts and the best part, there is no admission, it's FREE! We can learn from her example.
Happy Saturday!

inspiration: Oomph to the highest power! - 03/02/14 01:15 AM
Oomph to the highest power!

You know what they say..."If you got it, flaunt it!" Nature can and does, day in, day out from dusk to dawn without fail. No time to pause nor pass the duties to another, to instead accomplish the goals set forth.
Bragadocious ultra-ego? Not a chance, just quietly confident and awe inspiring.
Happy Sunday all!

inspiration: Thank goodness for Do-overs! - 02/27/14 11:30 PM
Thank goodness for Do-overs!

While some things in life are never to be repeated or given a second chance to make a better impression, nature continues to awe and amaze. Day in, day out without fail to follow up and follow through. There is much to learn when willing.
Happy Monday all!

inspiration: TAKE a HIKE in the southern Utah area! - 02/03/14 11:14 PM
TAKE a HIKE in the southern Utah area!
Temperatures hovering the 50s to low 60s are optimum for avid enthusiasts just itching to set out for a day's hike in the St. George area. Before you do, be sure to take precautions that ensure you stay on-track and get back home.
Map out the route. Be specific about the area you plan to hike and never go alone. Let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back. Wear the appropriate clothing. Layer so you may take off and put back on as temperatures can drop during your time out. … (10 comments)

inspiration: Southern Utah highlight: Snow at Snow Canyon! - 01/26/14 12:42 AM
Southern Utah highlight: Snow at Snow Canyon!

An unexpected arctic cold front blew into town, along with a bout 6 inches of snow a little over a month ago. Snow Canyon State Park was actually named after an early settler Erastus Snow. If anyone had passed through during the time the snow covered every surface, you'd think it was named for it's white-capped, red and white sandstone bluffs! You could say, it's where the red and white meet the blue!
It sure does make for a great photo-op as well!
Happy Sunday all!

inspiration: If you're happy and you know it, then you really ought to show it! - 01/06/14 11:27 PM
If you're happy and you know it, then you really ought to show it!
Good feelings are meant to be shared with others and may create a ripple affect, inspiring them to continue to carry on, to further spread happy thoughts through simple gestures such as...
Sending a card Buying a friend lunch Baking some cookies Phoning a relative Or just sharing a S-M-I-L-E! Whatever you do, it can brighten a person's day. If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands, If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, If you're happy and you know it, … (24 comments)

inspiration: A peaceful uprising. - 12/23/13 10:44 PM
A peaceful uprising.
As you journey through the day, whether working or preparing for visitors or planning a family feast for tomorrow's dinner, take some time for yourself. Whether it be a luxurious bubble bath, a stroll along the beach, taking a hike or reading a chapter in a current book, it's up to you.
Of course, waking before the sun to catch a peaceful uprising can be very inspirational too! Happy Day all!

inspiration: Vivid beams free-styling 'cross vast skies... - 12/21/13 07:13 AM
Vivid beams free-styling 'cross vast skies...

A lucky witness gazing toward the beautifully lit sky,
Vibrant hues aglow, catching the attent of all passerby.
Front row seats to a luminous matineee of nature's best,
Twice daily she shows, once in the east and once in the west!
                                                                                           ~ wkn ~
Happy Sunday all!

inspiration: Allow others to shine without casting shadows! - 12/05/13 11:40 PM
Allow others to shine without casting shadows!

I have often heard, "It's his or her time to shine." While it may appear to come easy for some, it takes hard work and diligence to be successful in an area of expertise. Wait your turn and avoid getting in the way of someone else's accomplishments by casting dark, ominous clouds.
I love to wish people well as it is fulfilling and makes the heart smile.
So, shine on, it does a spirit good!

inspiration: Adopt a Veteran for a Day of NFL Football! - 11/11/13 11:07 AM
Adopt a Veteran for a Day of NFL Football!

As the day neared for my husband and I to travel to San Diego to catch the Chargers vs Broncos, at the last moment, our son was unable to go with us. That left an extra ticket that was already paid. We could have sold it prior to the game but we decided to go to 32nd Street Naval Base when we got to San Diego and find a young sailor to join us for a FUN day all expenses paid!

We approached Chief Michael Drew and he suggested MASN … (24 comments)

inspiration: Plan to attend the Veterans Day Parade on November 11th in St. George, Utah! - 11/09/13 12:32 AM
Set yourself up on the side of the road by 9:00 am and prepare for one of the best parades of the year. You will be wowed, impressed and inspired to see our country's military finest from the past to today's present time.

Hope to see you on the sidelines in St. George, Utah on November 11th, 2013!  Thank you veterans for your service and sacrifice!

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