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I've taken a look at the 2 acres or more small acreage residential activity for within a 75 mile radius of Billings Montana.  Winter is typically a difficult period for this market and the numbers for the last 90 days demonstrate this as well. The best 90 day moving average is in the under $150,0...
I quickly read the first two chapters of the book Surviving Your Serengeti by Stefan Swanepoel, then I took the quiz.  I learned about this Active Rain Challenge from one of the daily AR emails.   I so wanted to be a Wildebeest, but it turns out I'm a Crocodile! One of the most powerful images th...
I just got done plugging in names, dates and other contract lingo into a buy/sell I need to get signed tonight. So what's the next step?  I put the contracts right in the front passenger seat of my car.  Why?  Because if I don't do that right now, I risk getting all the way to my appointment and ...
"But I just bought that refrigerator, and it cost me $2,700 and I love it and I'm taking it with me."  And that just sunk the deal!  Crazy!  In this real estate market, if you get a decent offer on your home, and the buyers want the refrigerator, then leave it!  How much did it cost this seller? ...
Rural Montana homeowners have limited community sources for domestic water, so most rely on private wells (unless they use cisterns).  So it's not uncommon for this very important utility to cause a problem or two, especially the older the water well. What can you do if you start to have troubles...
This week has really enlightened me about why our healthcare can be so much more expensive as we get older. #1  Husband tweaked his knee 3 weeks ago, while bowling with his nephews.  It's not getting better, he thinks he might have to get it looked at.  He's avoided going and having this checked ...
Just looked back in my notebook that I have sitting right beside my computer and noticed I've been pretty good at writing down everything I eat, for a full week!  Actually for almost 2 weeks!  No, I'm not writing down what the calories are for every item, just the items.  On the recommendation of...
What's my home worth?  How can a person make sense of the information available to make a good decision?  Imagine you call me wondering if I'd be interested in listing your home for sale, and wondered about the process; I will ask you about your reason for moving?  job change, family status chang...
Some people are totally surprised that some of the rural areas of Yellowstone County have limited access to good drinking water.  Sometimes the reason is simply that if you drill a well, you may not find water if you drill, and drill and drill.  It gets pretty expensive to just keep drilling! Som...
I'm such a techno slug, but I just stitched a photo in Windows Live and I had no idea I had the ability to do this.  I'm pretty jacked up!  I've been struggling with the wide angle lens issue, and just haven't like some of my inside shots.  I've been looking at a couple of blog series, one on Pic...

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