real estate agent coaching: How Do Your Market Your Listings? - 03/22/18 05:19 PM
Gone are the days of the 4 P's;  Put a sign in the yard, Put the listing in the MLS, Put a lockbox on the house, and Pray.
Gone also are the days where services like ListHub and other automated syndication services where all you needed to do for your online listing marketing efforts. 
The internet marketing scene changes almost daily. The first thing you need to do is figure out what your goals for your listings are. 
As a listing agent, of course you want to sell the listing. So the first priority is to get your listing in front of the most … (10 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Attention Real Estate Agents & Brokers: Take Back Your Listings & Leads - 08/15/16 07:38 AM
If you are a real estate agent or broker you understand the power is in the listing. He or she who owns the listing lasts in this business.
With all new technology there are positives and negatives.
Technology helps us do more tasks however, sometimes we are either encouraged to use short cuts and sometimes we are just plain lazy and look for ways to get done faster and with less effort.
This happens with syndicating your listings on the internet.
What started out as a really time saving idea of having our listing syndicated to all the different portals on the internet  but ended up … (4 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Webinar Reminder: Trello for Organization and Project Management - 01/26/16 02:30 AM
Don't forget to register for this FREE webinar. I will share more ways to use Trello and show you live online how we are using Trello to get things done faster and more efficiently!
Please use my Trello invite link to get your own Free Trello account:
The webinar is tonight at 8 p.m. eastern time. Save your seat now. 
If you already registered there is nothing you need to do except get on the webinar! 
If you have not registered for the webinar yet, register here:
See you at the top!

real estate agent coaching: It’s OK to Change Your Mind About Your Business - 01/20/16 12:17 AM
You have heard the saying, “Never give up”, many times in your life.  You have heard the saying, “Winners never quit”. So when you begin to have thoughts about quitting your job or closing your business you may get pangs of guilt coming at you from yourself and those around you. There is a stigma that quitting is what losers do.
But what if we don’t put the label of “quitting” on the action? Perhaps we are on a journey and now your path is leading you in another direction. Or maybe you want to change your mind. Maybe you thought this was what … (45 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Free Webinar: Using Trello for Projects | Management | Organization - 01/18/16 09:38 PM
Free Webinar: Using Trello for Projects | Management | Organization and more.
Trello is free. Please use my invitation link here: 
This is one of my most requested tutorials. I created some video tutorials on using Trello. They are among my most popular video tutorials. Based on these requests I decided to offer you a webinar to show you live how we use Trello.
Trello is a very visual organization app. If you are a visual person you will fall in love with Trello. If you like to work fast and easy… all my webinars are about systems and apps that make your work … (6 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Agent Tells Her Buyers to Only Work with the Listing Agent - 01/18/16 03:07 AM
How much sense that this make? 
What benefit to the buyers or to their agent is there in telling the buyers to only look at homes with the listing agent of each property? 
Why and how does this benefit the buyers? 
This would  be a lot of work. Imagine having to call dozens of agents and waiting to hear back from them to set up the appointments by themselves, one on one, with each individual listing agent.  No one agent would get to know the buyers and their likes and dislikes, thereby being able to develop a relationship with the buyers and really … (7 comments)

real estate agent coaching: How to Build Your Brand on Facebook without Annoying Your Friends & Family - 08/25/15 12:30 AM
How to Build Your Brand on Facebook without Annoying Your Friends & Family  
This webinar was one of my favorite webinars I attended a few years ago. I am excited to be able to host this webinar training for you.

This webinar is popular and space will fill up fast.
Make sure you register today!
Date: Wednesday September 2, 2015
Time: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. EST
This is a totally FREE webinar. Just bring yourself to a computer near you:).
Register now: :
I am inviting you to … (20 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Survey- What Do You Need to Know Now- Digital Marketing Strategies - 08/12/15 07:52 PM
Survey – What do you need to know now - Digital Marketing Strategies 
We get so many requests for different topics that marketers, REALTORS®, entrepreneurs, small business owners need to learn.
So far on the survey the requests are:              
Lead generation Lead follow up       More SEO     YouTube Paid Ads and how to monetize your YouTube channel   How to start your own WordPress blog How to market correctly and effectively on Facebook             Creating Facebook ads and so on Delegating and using our Virtual Assistant team … (2 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Podcast Channel: Digital Marketing Strategies - 04/14/15 10:01 AM
Podcast Channel: Digital Marketing Strategies 
Here is a current list of podcast episodes on my iTune channel for you convenience: 
How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market  So How Do I Get it all Done?  Take Back Your Listings- Real Estate SEO Finding Time Wasters and Savers   
You can easily subscribe to my itunes channel here: 
It is free to subscribe. You can choose to be notified of each new episode. 
My goal is to have 2 episodes each month. 
You can download my podcast to your iPhone iTunes app or on your iPad, Mac computers, PCs, and other devices. 
If you like … (14 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Google Sends Notices - Your Site is NOT Mobile Friendly - 03/03/15 01:28 AM
Google Webmaster Tools is sending out notices to let you know your website is not mobile-friendly. 
They ask you in the notice to follow the steps to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. 
If you do not make your website mobile-friendly Google will not have your website indexed for mobile search. 
What that means is that you will still be on the search engine for your keywords when people search from their desktop computers but you will not be visible to those same people if they search on their smart phones or iPads. 
Making your site mobile-friendly … (42 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Quick Note: Coaching Spot Opened Up - 02/19/15 02:19 PM
Just a quick note: 
I often receive texts and some emails about my coaching for agents and if I have any availability. 
Private coaching is one of my favorite things to do! I love helping agents become successful, dominate on line, get listings, move into their luxury markets, get their branding on and so forth. 
However, there are only 24 hours in each day and part of those hours must be spent sleeping. That leaves about 18 hours left. Subtract out personal tasks such as grooming and eating... you really are down to about 14 to 15 hours each day. 
I … (4 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Open House Success System to Get More Listings - 02/18/15 10:40 AM
Open House Success System to Get More Listings and Buyers 
We are doing a BETA program with an Open House Success System from a very successful REALTOR® who closed over 600K last year in commissions using this system he has developed over the last few years. 
This will be the first time anyone outside of his successful office will learn his system. 
He reached out to me to help me put a course together for his system that we can teach online. 
Because we need testers in this BETA system he has offered to offer this to … (6 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Listing Experts Academy Advanced SEO Techniques - 02/08/15 03:39 AM
Listing Experts Academy Advanced SEO Techniques
If you are a Listing Experts Academy we want to make sure you don't miss out on the new updates in the membership area. 
We know you are busy. We know you can not check all of your emials. 
Last week I did a live SEO Advanced Training webinar for the members of Listing Experts Academy. 
Just in case you missed out on the live training, we did record the session. 
In the recorded session you will learn some of the most advanced SEO techniques to apply to your off site linking program. 
Please log … (5 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Create a Strategy for Your Online Marketing - 02/08/15 01:39 AM
Create a Strategy for Your Online Marketing 
You have heard the saying: Failing to plan is planning to fail. 
After you make a plan you must put that plan into action. 
If failing to plan is planning to fail then also failing to put your plan into action is a recipe for disaster. 
Yes, some people can fly by the seat of their pants and they do just fine. However, without a measuring mechanism in your business it is near impossible to see where you are from where you were. 
After you create a plan you … (12 comments)

real estate agent coaching: My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015 - 01/14/15 05:38 AM
My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015 
With all the talk, double-talk, assumptions and guessing about what is what with SEO these days there are a few things you can count on no matter what happens with Google and other search engines. 
You will not go wrong by drilling down into your niche, flying under the radar of the big 4.
Choose terms that their SEO departments are not going after. These big guys spend over a $100,000 a day for PPC and they want the biggest bang for their buck so they are not going to piddle … (79 comments)

real estate agent coaching: BROKERS BEWARE: Do You Use Drones for Your Listing Photography? - 07/08/14 01:28 AM
BROKERS BEWARE: Do You Use Drones for Your Listing Photography? 
When we were at our homeschool convention in Orlando we took Tristan to his first "rock concert". It was a Christian rock band playing for the attendees of the convention. I noticed a photographer at the front side of the stage controlling a drone with his remote.   

 I was amazed at this technology as I watched the drone flying above the crowd taking video. I thought about how many agents use this same technology for taking images of their listings. The fly over drones take very good photos and … (21 comments)

real estate agent coaching: How to use Trello as a small CRM and Project Management - Video Tutorial - 01/07/14 07:39 AM
How To Use Trello as a small CRM and Project Management - Video Tutorial 
Are you looking for a simple solution to keep track of your contacts, leads and customers? If you are a listing agent especially working in a high end neighborhood you most likely don't have hundreds of leads nor thousands of contacts that would likely be your next listing. So you may want something much more focused on a select amount of contacts. 
If you are a buyers agent or have buyers agents that you are giving leads to you need something more robust like Market Leader. If … (8 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Strategy Sessions for 2014 ~ Strategize to Develop Your Best Plan of Action for 2014 - 01/05/14 11:28 PM
Strategy Sessions for 2014 ~ Strategize to Develop Your Best Plan of Action for 2014 
Albert Einstein was known to have said: "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result."  
This is a great time to review your goals. You most likely have sat down over the holidays to plan out your 2014 calendar and make a list of your 2014 goals. 
Hopefully, you have also written down how much money you want to make in 2014. 
Now it is time to create a strategy in order to make sure that you … (3 comments)

real estate agent coaching: A Really Big Deal is More Than Meets the Eye - 12/27/13 01:49 AM
A Really Big Deal is More Than Meets The Eye
In 2000 we were working at one of the local ReMax offices as top producers in the top 5% of the office. In order to increase your income as a real estate agent you can either increase the number of units you sell or you can move into higher markets to sell less units but produce more income. We decided to make a laser effort to become luxury listing agents. At that time a luxury property was about $400,000 in Wellington ( outside of the equestrian ranches and farms). We had some … (29 comments)

real estate agent coaching: Listing Experts Academy- Video Training #1 is Live! - 10/25/13 11:48 AM
Listing Experts Academy - Video Training #1 is Live! 
If you are on my email list to get notified about the training videos to get ready for Listing Experts Academy- that email was sent to your inbox this past Thursday. 
Please look for that email and click on the link that takes you to the first video in preparation for Listing Experts Academy. I go through what we will be covering in the 9 modules and also some of the bonus modules. 
If you did not receive the email with the link in it - then sign up here to get my … (3 comments)

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