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The Thousand-Dollar Difference: Getting Health Insurance for Your Family

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Recent reports show that 8.6 million children in the U.S. are uninsured for health, 100,000 of them in Washington. This report comes from Families USA, a Washington-based advocate for expanded health access. They also report that 88.2% of these children come from families with at least one working adult.

While not all employers offer health insurance benefits, availability to health policies is widespread. Families with uninsured children must consider investing into a family health plan. Children contract more illnesses than adults due to germ-spreading at school, and because they are so active, they tend to break more bones and take on many more injuries.

An uninsured broken arm could cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Antibiotics for an uninsured virus can cost hundreds. A simple family health policy costs very little and can literally save you thousands.

Everyone should have a health insurance policy, especially those with a child or children. Our independent insurance agency finds the right health insurance policy for you. For more information on health insurance, contact us today! We're Altman Insurance, based in Olympia, Washington. We also offer a free health insurance quote!